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Party ‘Yukon-Style’ At The Sourdough Rendezvous Festival

The straight up biggest regret you’ll have from your trip to the Yukon? Chickening out of the axe throw competition at the Sourdough Rendezvous Festival.

Maybe it’s the chilly weather or the longer nights, but when Whitehorse parties, it parties. There’s no better time to be in the Yukon than during this massive celebration of wintery shenanigans, as the festival takes over Whitehorse for over a week. There are few other festivals in Canada as wild and flat-out fun as the Rendezvous, and here are six reasons why:


1. Throw a chainsaw or toss an axe

Want to show off your skill and strength, or just flail around to the supportive roar of huge crowds? Sign up for all the contests! From the axe throw to the log toss and chainsaw chuck, anyone can enter.


2. Win a bizarre beauty contest

Are you not so skilled at throwing around chainsaws, but are great at maintaining a hipster lumberjack aesthetic? Enter the Rendezvous beauty contests instead, with categories ranging from Best Beard (old growth) and Best Beard (new growth) to Hairiest Chest, Hairiest Leg, and Best Ink (on arm, leg, back, or chest).


3. Eat all the deliciousness

The whole town celebrates for the entire week, and every restaurant and bar feels like it’s in on the action. Wander from food stand to food stand, loading up on poutine, ribs, and hot maple syrup poured on ice, and checking out the massive, detailed snow sculptures.


4. Join your dog in a howling contest

Adorable pups (prompted by their owners) singing their hearts out for that sweet gold medal. What’s not to love?

photo credit: facebook, yukon sourdough rendezvous

photo credit: yukon sourdough rendezvous (facebook)


5. Pelt strangers with multicoloured snow

The Aurora Colour War is like a snowball fight but a whole rainbow better!

photo credit:

photo credit:


6. Learn to get your show on with Sweet Soul Burlesque workshop

That’s right, strip off that parka! Learn the art of on-stage confidence and make the North heat up quick.

photo credit: facebook, yukon sourdough rendezvous

photo credit: facebook, yukon sourdough rendezvous


7. Stay up late and party on!

After salmon banh mi at the Gold Rush Inn, head to the Dirty Northern Bastard pub, where a line of Can Can dancers weaves their way between the pint glasses along the bar. Drink the terrific Yukon Brewery beers on tap, then head to Paddy’s for some blues. End the night with an amazing fireworks display over the city.


Everything You Need To Know To Go

When: The Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Festival takes place for a week every February.

How: Fly into Whitehorse with Air North from Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton or Kelowna or with Air Canada, with a layover in Vancouver.

Where to stay: The delightful Beez Kneez Bakpakers Hostel is a great budget and sociable option, but there are plenty of other hotels in Whitehorse to choose from.

What to pack: Lots and lots of warm layers, good boots, your party stamina, and your axe-throwing skills!

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