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Where To Eat: A Cheat Sheet To Saint John, New Brunswick

If you are like us, when you go to a new city and eat out you want to eat out at the best places possible. I am talking hours of scrolling through yelp, Instagram, and food blogs searching for the best of the best wherever it is you find yourself. To save you some time (and data), we have compiled a cheat sheet to the best Eats & Drinks in New Brunswick…

 Best Cheap Eats: Big Daddy’s Pizza

Of course the pizza is good, but what really stands out are their enormous one pound donairs. Pick up one of these messy and delicious East Coast specialities to go and thank me later.
Photo: Big Daddy's Facebook

Photo: Big Daddy’s Facebook

 Best Sushi: Sense of Tokyo

Good sushi is hard to find. Thankfully, there are places like Sense of Tokyo dishing out amazing rolls, good portions, on-point miso soup and perfectly cooked rice. Everything on the menu is great, but try the angry tuna rolls, and salmon teriyaki bento lunch.
Photo: Neil McFarlane

Photo: Neil McFarlane

Best Thai: Lemongrass

Lemongrass delivers good Thai food at a fair price. Stop in on Wine Wednesday’s for a cheaper and bigger glass of house wine, and though it’s a bit of a cliché, try out their chicken Pad-Thai


Best Burger: Burgerology

A good burger is hard to beat, and this one is far and away the best in town. This restaurant is known in Saint John for serving meals with high quality, fresh ingredients, at a more than fair price. Try the Skippy Roo, which combines two fine ingredients: Siracha and peanut butter.
Photo: Burgerology Facebook

Photo: Burgerology Facebook

Best Indian: Thandi’s

Thandi’s serves up Thai food and Indian food, which normally would be a red flag for a prospective restaurant, but is not the case here. The Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb Saag are as good as it gets.


Best Kept Secret: Decimal 81

Decimal 81 is on the high end for price, but consistently serves up one of the better meals in Saint John. Try their infamous duck with root vegetable fries and don’t skip out on their seasonal desert.
Photo: Patrick Flowers

Photo: Patrick Flowers

Best Splurge: Italian By Night

It’s always a little bit difficult to pay up for pasta; after all, you could easily make it yourself. Then you have truly great pasta with homemade sauces and noodles and your mac n’ cheese starts looking pretty pathetic. Italian By Night isn’t especially cheap but has an incredible menu. Try anything on the menu because everything is good.
Photo: Italian by Night's Facebook

Photo: Italian by Night’s Facebook

Best Deal: Steamers Lobster Company

We’ve knocked off the donair, now it’s time for the lobster roll. Any way you slice it, lobster is going to be expensive. Steamers serves up a lobster roll and fries for $18, which is about the standard in the region, but when this one hits your taste buds, you’ll understand why it’s a deal.
Photo: Steamers Lobster Facebook

Photo: Steamers Lobster Facebook

Best Cocktail: Port City Royal

While Port City Royal is known for its cool décor, which includes a velvet Elvis, they are no slouches in the cocktail department. Their Dark and Stormy might be the best you’ll ever have.

If that’s not your style, try out Jungle Jim’s, “The Hurricane,” which features 3 shots and some secret ingredients for $12.99. All aboard! Good times ahead!

$3.50 highballs every Saturday night from 10pm to 1am. Snacks served until 11pm.

A post shared by Port City Royal (@portcityroyal) on

Best Dive Bar: Pub Down Under

Pub Down Under could double as the best deal in town as they serve up massive portions for incredibly cheap prices. Awesome beer menu, good burgers, great pickle spears, and some funky poutine’s; The Pub Down Under is what’s up.
Photo: Pub Down Under Facebook

Photo: Pub Down Under Facebook

Local’s Favourite: East Coast Bistro

Everyone in Saint John recommends the East Coast Bistro for its great meals featuring local and seasonal ingredients. Like Italian by Night, the whole menu is fantastic, but the oysters and Purple Cabbage and Peanut Salad are a great lead before Steak & Frites.



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