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Surprise! There’s A Canadian Behind All This Weird Stuff

We all know that basketball, the telephone, and Drake come from Canada but that’s not where the North’s innovative streak ends. These 10 things are more Canadian than Justin Trudeau in a hand-knit Canada goose-print sweater—but you probably had no idea they came from here.

We Patented Peanut Butter

A photo posted by Weronika (@jurka_popster) on

Back in the late 1800’s, being unable to chew (or pretending to be unable to chew) could score you a peanut butter prescription, the invention of Montreal pharmacist Marcellus Gilmore Edson. Somebody else (possibly Beyoncé) gets credit for jelly.

The Push-Up Bra Came From Quebec

A photo posted by @seoran_708 on

We’re not afraid to be pushy about this one: it was the Canadian Lady Corset Company that patented the world’s best-known push-up bra. The push-up bra was invented in Montreal in 1961 by designer Louise Poirier.

Moviemaking Technology Maxed Out In Canada

A photo posted by IMAX (@imax.movies) on

There are 1,061 “Image Maximum” theatres in the world, the result of the genius of four Canadians: Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor, Robert Kerr, and William C. Shaw. The IMAX movie format allows filmmakers to capture bigger images at a higher resolution than other kinds of filming techniques. Fans include George Lucas, Christopher Nolan, JJ Abrams, and (obviously) Michael Bay.

We Came Up With Kraft Dinner

Fact 1: That bright orange staple food we call KD was invented by Fort Erie, Ontario native James Lewis Kraft. Fact 2: Canadians eat more macaroni and cheese than anyone else on the planet. Coincidence? No way.

Canada Makes Every Swedish Fish Eaten In North America

A photo posted by Anne Mauser (@mauser_haus) on

Lots of people think of Swedish Fish as a European delicacy. They’re wrong. Swedish Fish are a Hamiltonian delicacy. That’s where the supply of candies for the entire continent comes from—all five billion of them.

Love It Or Hate It, Canada Invented Instant Replay

Instant replay is almost as old as TV itself. The first use during a broadcasted sporting event was, naturally, on Hockey Night in Canada in 1955. It’s the invention of Winnipeg native and CBC producer George Retzlaff.

Thank BC Every Time You Hit Up A Water Park

Whitewater West in Kelowna, BC builds around 250 water rides a year—the massive ones you see in theme parks, on Disney cruise ships, or in the middle of the West Edmonton Mall. Worldwide, their company is the biggest player on the water park scene.   

Rock’s Best Cymbals Are A Product Of New Brunswick

A photo posted by phil_atwb (@phil_atwb) on

Meductic is a tiny town in New Brunswick. Don’t feel bad f you’ve never heard of it. Residents number around 300. There are a select group of people who do know the town’s name, though. Like Jay-Z’s drummer Tony Royster Jr. and the drummer Prince and Beyonce share, Cora Coleman-Dunham. That’s because the best cymbals in the world are made there, by cymbal manufacturer SABIAN.

Trenton, ON Makes Dinos For Steven Spielberg (And Most Of The World’s Museums)

A photo posted by KCIN G (@puregeniusz) on

When the Jurassic Park director needed dinosaur bones, he went to Research Casting International, a Canadian company that makes and restores most of the world’s dinosaur skeletons. They’re currently working on 52 for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History alone—including a T-Rex.

This Province Is Frozen French Fry Central

A photo posted by Watermark Bar (@watermarkny) on

Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick isn’t called ‘The French Fry Capital Of The World’ for nothing. They earned the title for producing nearly one-third of the world’s supply of frozen fries, a fact they celebrate every National French Fry Day. If only “The Tomato Capital Of Canada” were closer.

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