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5 Tips To Turn Your Hometown Into A Social Media Star

Fact 1: Your level of wanderlust won’t always line up with your bank account.

Fact 2: You don’t have to leave your hometown to express your sense of adventure and satisfy that itch to explore.

Just in time for Busabout’s The Great Travel Experiment, a social media-fueled contest that could send you on a summer-long, all-expenses paid vacation worth $14,000, we’ve got tips from Damien Bennett, North American VP of Sales and Marketing for Busabout, on how to create a click-worthy video of your hometown, whether that’s Abbotsford, B.C. or Paris, Ontario. Want to enter The Great Travel Experiment?

You’ll need to pick your preferred destination and record a 60-second video showcasing the best parts of your hometown — so check out Bennett’s tips below and start filming!


1. Show your personality

“Content creators always say the best way to connect with your viewers is to be yourself,” says Bennett, “so don’t be afraid to do you and let your personality shine through!” Get out there, get online, and tell the whole world who you are.


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2. Showcase those off-the-beaten-path parts

Was a well-known Canadian writer born in your town? Is a secret alleyway lined with your city’s best street art? Show it off. “Incorporate hidden gems of a destination that you likely wouldn’t discover or have access to travelling solo,” says Bennett. “Highlighting your hometown’s secrets is a sure-fire way to capture the audience’s attention.”


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3. Teach your audience something new

“Incorporating something lightly educational about a big city and a small town near you that people wouldn’t know is guaranteed to garner attention and make your video memorable. Maybe it’s showing off your favourite hidden hiking trail near the GTA or nailing down how Cement Cemetery (located in Rosser, Manitoba) came to be. Whatever it is,” Bennett advises, “make it original and intriguing and viewers will be begging for more content from you.”


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4. Release your inner explorer

Having a sense of adventure isn’t about where you are, it’s about who you are. The wilds of Northern Manitoba can be just as captivating as Calgary’s city-centre with the right kind of guide to show it off (that’s you, btw). “If your video is unique and action-packed, you’re more likely to stand out,” says Bennett.


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5. Be passionate

Bennett says that to get all the likes, what you need to do is “wear your wanderlust on your sleeve, show your passion for videography, and share your zest for life and all travelling has to offer… Convince viewers why they should get out of their comfort zones to explore the world.”


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