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Perfect Your Travel Game With The Latest Tech

Don’t know your way around Montreal’s Metro? Can’t seem to log in to the free wifi at YVR? Want to take camera-quality pictures without packing a camera? Tech to the rescue (once again). Use these seven new apps and gadgets to plan, book, navigate and share your next adventure with friends.



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Use Flio’s free app, available on the Apple App Store as well as on Google Play, to navigate airports you’re unfamiliar with. The app works in Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto as well as in 845 other airports in Canada and across the world. But that’s not all this multitasking app does. Flio instantly connects your phone to the airport’s free wifi, gives you access to airport lounges, and scores you discounts at airport restaurants and shops.

Power Cards

Pick a card. #powercard #charger #fashiontech #gadgets #gotriplec

A post shared by Triple C (@gotriplec) on

What’s the size and shape of a credit card but capable of powering your dead iPhone up to 60 per cent? Power cards like the Triple C. It’s the perfect travel accessory if you plan on taking a tonne of photos or using your phone to find your way around a new city. Plus, it just looks cool.


Wishing you all a week filled with subshine! Reposted from @kaigenfoto #moovit #app #sun #train

A post shared by Moovit (@moovit) on

Moovit is a public transit miracle. The free app crowdsources transportation data from 700 different cities, including all major (and a bunch of not so major) Canadian destinations. It creates an interactive, live map of the transit system so that travellers can avoid getting lost underground and forced to live in a subway tunnel forever. Or, you know, just not miss their bus.

GoPro Hero4

Bubbly #GoPro #Hero4

A post shared by Robbie Crawford (@robbiecrawford) on

The Hero4 is the most intense GoPro yet (and that’s saying something). It’s fast, it’s got loads of power, plus wifi and Bluetooth. One version (the Silver) has a built-in touch display, the other (the Black) has higher resolution and double the power. Both take the kinds of travel photos and videos you can’t get with anything else.

Treasure Tag

For $30 you get complete lost-luggage peace of mind. Nokia’s Treasure Tag connects to any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, letting you track the location of any left behind (or stolen) suitcases. Although you’re not likely to leave a bag behind since the Tag alerts you if you’re about to. Bonus: it acts as a remote shutter for selfies.

HooToo Wireless Travel Router

HooToo Tripmate Nano #hootoo #tripmatenano #BTechHD link in description

A photo posted by BTechHD (@btechhd1) on

If you can’t live without the internet for even a few hours, the HooToo portable wifi router is the thing to spend your cash on. The compact little cube also has two charging ports and can be used by several computers at once in case you’re travelling with an equally web-obsessed friend.

Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

If you’re serious about your photos but not quite GoPro-serious, here’s the next best thing: The Olloclip is just $80 and fits onto the corner camera of any iPhone 6 model to take your travel photos to the next level in four different ways: the fisheye lens takes photos on an ultra-wide angle with rounded edges, the regular wide-angle lens doubles your phone’s field of view, and a pair of macro lenses lets you take highly detailed shots or shoot portraits (aka fancy selfies).


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