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Travel Is The 2020 Cure For Your Office Burnout

photo credit: tom gainor / unsplash

It’s that time of year—time for holiday vibes, festive parties, amazing meals, family, friends, and… complete and utter exhaustion, because of course, we’re trying to juggle all of this with our work commitments. After soldiering through the season, we’re left with little energy and inspiration. Luckily, there’s a fun fix: turning on your OOO message and simply getting away from it all. We talked to TourRadar’s Christian Wolters about how travel can cure your office burnout blues.


December is a time of year when people are especially feeling the workplace burnout. Luckily, lots of people plan their travel for early in the new year. How can a post-holiday season trip help you de-stress and feel recharged?

Christian Wolters: After the holiday season is a fantastic time to take a trip to de-stress. December can be a joyful time, but a time that is also filled with many work deadlines, financial obligations, and financial constraints. A lot of people charge right into the new year without taking a moment to pause and catch their breath, which continues to contribute to the sense of work burnout many of us are facing. Taking time away from your daily routine and surroundings in January can give you a necessary break to reflect on the previous year’s challenges and achievements, and reset and recharge for the year to come.


It’s true that there are plenty of beach-based resort vacays that truly are all about relaxation, but what if that’s not your travel style? Are active trips and tours still something that can relieve burnout? How?

CW: For whatever kind of trip you choose, the critical factor for relaxation is you—namely, how you choose to step away from your routine and immerse yourself in your experience. You can spend seven days lying on a beach and still not feel relaxed if you spend it scrolling through a mental to do list or checking into work emails, even when your colleagues have it covered. To truly relieve burnout, turn your out of office on and step away from your phone—whether you then hike that volcano, learn to surf, or just sink into a good book.



Can you give us some advice on planning a trip specifically designed to help travellers recharge and come home feeling less burned out by their daily grinds?

CW: There’s scientific evidence that shows taking longer vacations has a positive effect on employee well-being and productivity, but even if you don’t have a lot of time you can still plan a trip that allows you to recharge and come home feeling less burned out. One way is by focusing on a smaller physical area, and really getting to know that place – not only do you spend less of your time on busses, trains, and in cars, but you’re also able to create a deeper connection to the people that make a place so special, getting to know a culture and way of life while temporarily removing yourself from your own. Another way is taking a multi-day tour – this way, you have built-in, like-minded travel companions, and you don’t have to deal with any of the logistical planning, from booking hotels to making sure you get to the train on time, let alone determining which train is the correct one! The greatest thing is that tours are no longer cookie-cutter bus tours – at TourRadar we have tens of thousands of unique, locally-run multi-day tours on offer that allow travellers to connect with their surroundings in a really meaningful way without stressing about any of the planning.

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