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Bet You Didn’t Know These Brands Were From Canada

While Canadian style might be renowned for denim tuxedos, flannels, and toques, the classic caricature of Canuck style isn’t fully accurate. Although I do love a good Canadian tuxedo, the truth is, Canadians not only dress well but are quick to support and wear items from labels that are Canadian. Luckily, we don’t have to sacrifice quality or style in pursuit of pieces that are Canadian made or owned. Here is a list of the top Canadian clothing brands and where you can find them.

Naked And Famous, Montreal, QC

Few companies get as adventurous with their materials as Naked & Famous. Coming on the scene eight years ago, the buzz-worthy Canadian brand produces everything from classic fitting jeans to glow-in-the-dark and thermogenic jeans. All of their unique and rare denim fabrics are from Japan’s prestigious mills and are proudly and ethically made in Canada. The best part, these special fabrics typically come at a reasonable price. If you’re interested in picking up a pair of your own, you can do so at Tate + Yoko in Montréal, QC.

Arc’teryx, North Vancouver, B.C.

Arc’teryx is an outdoor apparel and equipment company founded in 1989 in North Vancouver, B.C. The name refers to the Archaeopteryx, the earliest known bird, and their logo shows a representation of a near-complete skeleton of said bird. The company has been bought and sold a number of times, but still stations their head office in North Vancouver, and still produces their climbing harnesses and backpacks in Burnaby, B.C. The quality of their product is so renowned that many military and law enforcement agencies use their gear, including the United States Marine Corps. If you’re serious about outdoor adventure and going to extreme climates, you can pick yourself up some Arc’teryx gear at their brand store in Vancouver, B.C.

Canada Goose, Toronto, ON and Winnipeg, MB

Face the limitless demands of urban adventure. Canada Goose x OVO #SS16 #collab. Available now.

A photo posted by Canada Goose (@canadagoose) on

Canada Goose is a Canadian “Arctic luxury” manufacturer originally founded in 1957. After years spent working as a cutter in other factories, Sam Tick founded Canada Goose as a functional outerwear brand before converting to down-filled jackets in the early 1970s. Eventually, the quality became so apparent that Canadian Rangers, police departments, the OPP, Ministry of Environment, and more federal agencies started sourcing Canada Goose jackets. While Canada Goose Parkas are frequently worn by polar bear tour guides and international climate change researchers in Churchill, Manitoba, as well as researchers and participants in the United States Antarctic Program, the brand has moved more toward a luxury line, as can been seen through collaborations with Drake. If you’re intending to brave extreme elements, or just look fly in the city, Quarks across Canada might be your best bet for finding an authentic Canada Goose jacket.

Roots, Toronto, ON

@champagnepapi in his custom jacket on @nbcsnl was 🔥🔥🔥. Congrats to #DrakeOnSNL!!

A photo posted by Roots Canada (@rootscanada) on

In 1973, Don Green and Michael Budman founded Roots as a negative heel shoe manufacturer before redefining the brand as a leatherwear label. Originally inspired by their fondness for Ontario’s Algonquin Park and everything it represented, the iconic beaver logo was designed by Canadians, Heather Cooper and Robert Burns. Roots products are still designed and produced in Toronto and have been worn by the Canadian Olympic team. Their flagship stores can be seen in most major cities across the country, but the Roots Yoga Studio in Toronto is worth checking out if you’re interested in some of the brands more progressive items. It’s located above the Roots Rosedale store and is only a few blocks from where the original Roots store opened in 1973.


People talking outside the Hudson’s Bay Company Post in Aklavik, NWT, 1956. Image: Government of Canada

Hudson’s Bay Company, Toronto, ON

Where do we start? No brand in North America is as steeped in history. The Hudson’s Bay Company is the oldest incorporated merchandising company in the English-speaking world and has had outposts in nearly every province and territory. HBC started as an English Charter in 1670 and functioned as a form of government in North America before European states claimed territories. At one time, it was the largest landowner in the world. From its headquarters at York Factory on Hudson Bay, the company controlled the fur trade in North America for several decades. Transitioning into the retail and merchandising sector is a relatively new development in the company’s long history. The official outfitter of clothing for members of the Canadian Olympic team in 1936, 1960, 1964, 1968, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and through to 2020. Today, HBC is a premiere brand and retailer in Canada. Their flagship store is located at 160 Yonge Street in Toronto, ON but iconic retail locations can be found across the country.

Herschel Supply Co., Vancouver, B.C.

Keep good care of precious cargo. Photo: @elniniocamo #LittleAmerica #WellPacked #HerschelSupply

A photo posted by Herschel Supply Co (@herschelsupply) on

Founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel Supply Co. is named after the small Canadian town in which their grandparents originally settled, Herschel, Saskatchewan. Herschel Supply Co. is based in Vancouver, B.C., and stands as one of Canada’s most worn accessory brands. The brand is in the process of opening a flagship store, but in the interim, you can check on some of their pop-up locations, here.

Sorel, London, ON

Weekend adventure awaits. #SORELstyle | Photo: @crstnangyn

A photo posted by SOREL (@sorelfootwear) on

Sorel was founded 1962 by Kaufman Rubber Company in Kitchener, Ontario. Originally only made in Canada and headquartered in Quebec, Sorel has currently outsourced its production although remains headquartered in London, Ontario and a staple footwear brand for Canadians.

Lululemon, Vancouver, B.C.

Founded in 1998, few clothing companies have ascended as quickly as Lululemon. The company’s history is one of the weirdest and most entertaining in Canadian history. The now infamous founder, Chip Wilson, recognized a gap in the consumer market: women’s yoga apparel. The clothing brand has since transcended from yoga clothing for women to an athletic apparel company. Their offices are based in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, but their flagship store is located on Robson Street.

Aritzia, Vancouver, B.C.

When you find yourself on another planet. #EscapeCreate 📷 @kelseybowyer

A photo posted by Aritzia (@aritzia) on

The Canadian women’s fashion boutique began in 1984 in Vancouver, B.C. Today, Aritzia has locations in cities across North America, including Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, New York, and more. Still based in British Columbia, you can find Aritzia’s flagship store is on Robson Street in Vancouver.

Kit & Ace, Vancouver, B.C.

Styles for all your moves. #thisiskitandace

A photo posted by KIT AND ACE (@kitandace) on

The newest apparel brand in our list, Kit & Ace was founded by Shannon Wilson and JJ Wilson, former designers at Lululemon Athletica. Shannon Wilson is the wife of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson. Kit & Ace already has 60 retail locations across the world and its own line of coffee shops (Sorry Coffee Co) in select stores. The company produces “machine-washable Technical Cashmere” clothing and accessories and is stationed in Vancouver, B.C. Their flagship store is on Water Street in Vancouver, B.C.

Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Vancouver, B.C.

In 1971, four UBC Varsity Outdoor Club members grew tired of travelling to REI in Seattle, WA for their wilderness gear and decided to start their own consumer cooperative outdoor retailer and manufacturer while stranded in a snowstorm on Mount Baker. Now Canada’s largest supplier of outdoor equipment, MEC has expanded to 16 stores across Canada, no longer catering to just mountaineers and climbers, but a much broader clientele. Their original store is on Broadway Street in Vancouver, B.C.

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