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Top 10 Adventure Instagrammers In Canada


Aerial vibes in Tofino. ✈️???????? . #explorebc #yourtofino @hellobc

A photo posted by Caley Vanular (@caleyvanular) on

As an adventure enthusiast myself (shameless plug above), you could say I follow a healthy amount of ‘Adventure Instagrammers’ on Instagram. If you don’t know what I am talking about, think people with cameras who often find themselves flying ‘doors off’ over remote glacier lakes in the Rockies or ones who quit their day jobs to embark on never-ending road trips in gorgeous vintage vans. It’s these people who end up very successful on Instagram and inspire me and thousands (if not millions) of people every day to get outside and go do something cool.

To make your life a little more adventure-filled, I rounded up 10 of the top adventure Instagram accounts in Canada that you should probably go follow right now.

WARNING: If you already aren’t satisfied with your 9-5 you might not want to see the following.

Alex Strohl – @AlexStrohl

Callum Snape – @CalSnape

I couldn’t tell whether I was dreaming or not so I sat there and watched until the sun came up

A photo posted by Callum Snape (@calsnape) on

Jeremy Korenski – @JeremyKorenski

@petedevries Rushing #thisisnowhere

A photo posted by Jeremy Koreski (@jeremykoreski) on

Katie Goldie – @GoldieHawn_

Snow snow snow. That was last week. This week, snow snow snow. ❄️❄️❄️

A photo posted by katie|goldie (@goldiehawn_) on

Rishad Daroowala – @FreeRishad

We showed up for a sunrise but instead got this. No complaints… ????

A photo posted by Vancouver (@freerishad) on

Scott Bakken – @ScottCBakken

Straight through the Rockies.

A photo posted by scottcbakken (@scottcbakken) on

Mike Seehagel – @MikeSeehagel

Rocky Mountain high. #greatnorthcollective

A photo posted by Mike Seehagel (@mikeseehagel) on

Paul Zizika – @PaulZikaPhoto

Jillian Mann and Kyla Trethewey – @OurWildAbandon

Nathaniel Martin – @NathanielAtakora

Did I miss one of your favourite Instagram Users? Let us know in the comments below for them to be considered for future posts.

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