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TIFF 2018: Lady Gaga Gushes About Bradley Cooper’s Vision At A Star Is Born Press Conference

2018 Toronto International Film Festival - "A Star Is Born" Press Conference

image courtesy of kevin winter / getty images

Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born has been getting a ton of buzz for its original music and emotional intensity of the trials and tribulations of Hollywood fame. Fans of Cooper as an actor and Lady Gaga as a musician probably won’t be surprised that the new director and first-time leading lady were able to come up with something so cohesive to the fame experience.

A Star Is Born follows Jackson Maine (Cooper), a gravelled-voice country singer who’s battling addiction offstage. When he discovers struggling artist Ally (Gaga), he suddenly finds his musical purpose once again. The pair embark on a musical and romantic relationship, but soon find that the pressures of both can be too much to handle.

While the film is about the struggles of pursuing fame, it’s just as much about companionship and the power of belief. One major theme is being true to oneself and creating art that speaks.

“I think Bradley is an incredible filmmaker… Every day on set was such a thrill to see him work and act in the environment he creates,” said Gaga, continuing to say that the intensity behind each actor came down to having trust in their director. Next to Gaga, A Star Is Born also features Anthony Ramos, Dave Chappelle, and Sam Elliot.

“There was never a moment where I was thinking I should move my head or maybe the camera should shoot me like that, that’s [Bradley’s] vision… I just wanted to be a vehicle for him to tell this story,” said Gaga.

The film also deals heavily with addiction: “What would be wonderful, not just for artists but for the whole world, is that we intervene early in life when we see someone struggling. Fame is very unnatural,” said Gaga. “And I think it’s important to guide artists on a psychological level as they begin to rise.”


Cooper went on to say that in his directorial debut, he wanted to tell a love story but from the perspective of behind the stage. It was hanging out backstage at an Annie Lennox concert that inspired him, saying that he always wanted to direct but was scared of it. Although the film is a remake with three previous versions out there, Cooper said he didn’t want to “create art in a box” and instead bring this story to the present.

“Movies have healed me my whole life, they’ve taken me to place in my imagination and life that without them I wouldn’t have gone,” he said.

The music scenes in the movie were filmed in continuous shots, rather than multiple takes, adding to the authenticity behind an artist’s real-life process that Gaga was adamant about. She also discussed one of the earlier scenes in the film where Jack first sees Ally singing in a drag bar, saying that it was important to both her and Cooper that the scene was as honest and as real as possible to accurately portray and represent the gay community.

“Bradley has a way of directing where it almost felt like a jam session, it was what you call ‘vibes,’” said comedian Dave Chapelle.

A Star Is Born (in addition to its soundtrack) is set to hit theatres October 5. watch the full press conference below:

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