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Mingling With Movie Fans In The TIFF 2017 Rush Line


It’s tough to score a ticket to the most buzzworthy movies at the Toronto International Film Festival. Critics, avid movie lovers and film industry professionals alike line up in TIFF’s rush line in hopes of scoring one. The rush line gives people the chance to catch a sold out screening by waiting in line for an opportunity to purchase tickets a mere 10 minutes before showtime, depending on availability.

Waiting in line can be a serious pain but for these moviegoers it’s all worth it in the end.



27, Actress

Hometown: Mexico

Waiting to see: mother!

In line for: 2 hours

Angelica warns rush line users to keep the faith if they are getting frustrated with the long lines.

“You might get lucky. I was waiting in a premiere rush line and someone just came and gave me a ticket so I just got to the movie with a free ticket. So, just hope for the best.”



20, Student

Hometown: Toronto

Waiting to see: Lady Bird

In line for: 30 minutes

TIFF enthusiast, Ethan, says that companionship is essential when trying to kill time.

It’s good to have something to do. Someone to talk to. It makes passing the time easier having your best buds with you. They’re really good to have someone to stay in line for you if you need to go on a bathroom or a coffee break.”



32, Filmmaker & Editor

Hometown: Toronto

Waiting to see: Porcupine Lake

In line for: 30 minutes

James, who has been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Achievement in Editing as well as Best motion picture for the film Sleeping Giant, says he has seen around 10 films at TIFF this year.

“Just be patient, bring a snack and chat with people around you. You get to make new friends.”



22, Student and Film Journalist

Hometown: Chicago Illinois

Waiting to see: Borg McEnroe

In line for: 1.5 hours

“I’m a big Shia LaBeouf fan and I’ve been looking forward to this film for a long time and I saw some of the earlier reviews come out for it last night and it got me really excited.”

“Bring layers, bring an umbrella, bring a book and meet the people in front of you and behind you because they are also doing the same thing.”



27, Lawyer

Hometown: Ireland

Waiting to see: Gaga: Five Foot Two

In line for: 4.5 hours

“She’s going to perform at (the screening) so it’s going to be a unique experience especially because it’s a small venue, not like the huge stadiums she usually plays.”



26, Student

Hometown: Ottawa

Waiting to see: The Shape of Water

In line for: A very long time

“I love films and I also as an urban planner really like the sort of cultural building aspect and city building aspect of TIFF. So, I volunteer every year to sort of help that go.

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