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Go 80 Feet Under The Niagara Escarpment Into The Bat Cave

The Bat Cave at Metcalfe’s Rock on the Niagara Escarpment should probably be renamed. Explorers won’t find many bats in there—but they will find spiders. Lots of spiders. Unlike the superhero lore Marvel and DC have sold us, there are way more arachnids chilling in caves than bats (or angry rich guys dressed as bats). A trip into the Bat Cave, however, is such a amazing experience that you probably won’t notice anything but the incredible terrain.

Just a two hour drive from Toronto, the Bat Cave is one of several explorable caves in the area. It’s located on the Bruce Trail and surrounded by hiking routes that feature unforgettable views of the escarpment. Free Spirit Tours runs year-round trips into the various caves. In the winter, there’s snowshoeing and in the warmer months, there’s sea kayaking and rock climbing (in case staying above ground until you’re dead is more your thing).

A three-hour caving experience will cost you $65 per person and it includes a how-to crash course in spelunking (that’s what the pros call caving) and all the equipment you’ll need. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and dress in layers—even on a warm spring day, it’s so cold underground that you can see your breath. That whole thing about the earth’s core being hotter than molten lava might be a myth.

Be sure to bring your camera to document you underground adventure. Group selfies are easy to take inside the caves since the space is pretty tight and it’s actually really hard for your friends not to be in your shot.

The Bat Cave eventually opens up into an area guides call the Living Room. It’s about the size of an actual living room in a Toronto or Vancouver condo, so if you live in one of those you’ll feel right at home. It’s a cool spot to stop for a break after your climb down the cave and before your climb back up.

If you’re thinking about trying out caving for yourself and want a closer look at what it’s really like, check out The Danocracy’s travel video documenting his awesome adventure into the Bat Cave. In it, MUCH Creator Dan James talks a friend into descending a full 80 feet under the earth’s surface and into the cave. Of course, the prolific YouTuber gets it all on camera. Check out his clip to find out whether or not caving could be your thing:

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