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The Best Pizza In Canada, According To Matt O’Brien

Matt O’Brien is a Toronto-based comedian originally hailing from London, Ontario. O’Brien is the winner of Sirius XM’s Top Comic, Best Standup at the LA Comedy Festival, and was chosen to perform in Just For Laugh 42 in Toronto. If you’re unable to catch Matt on stage you can check out some of his hilarious Vine sketches or listen to his late-night talk show, Late Night Talk Show on a Subway or his podcast, ReHash. Matt recently gave us his hometown perspective on London, Ontario…Spoiler: He likes his pizza; specifically Stobie’s.



So what is it that you love most about London, Ontario?

Stobie’s Pizza. 100 per cent.

Pizza. Gotcha. So what are some of your favourite things to do in London?

Eat Stobie’s Pizza and stare blankly at the tank in Victoria Park.

And your favourite place to eat in London, Ontario is probably Stobie’s Pizza?

Probably Stobie’s Pizza, yeah.

Where are your favourite places to go out?

When I’m not at Stobie’s Pizza I like to go to Masonville Mall and reminisce about the fact that the centre of that mall used to be a giant mini putt course.


Do you have any activities or adventures that remind you of home?

I used to “adventure” to Stobie’s pizza, and “actively” eat it in the park. One time after last call at the bars, I saw a girl slap a guy with a slice of Stobie’s pizza — twice—once on the crust side and once on the sauce side — it was amazing.

What is it about London, Ontario that makes it unique?

Stobie’s pizza is uniquely good in that I eat it frequently when I’m there. The only other thing I do frequently is brush my teeth — mainly to remove the Stobie’s pizza from my teeth, I suppose.

After years of Stobie’s pizza I really grew into my own over time, became an adult, I work, I’m married, but I’ll never forget how full that Stobie’s Pizza made me…Also the sauce.

Who was your hometown hero growing up and why?

Whatever person at Stobie’s pizza that was handing me my slice that night — my heroes changed shift by shift at Stobie’s.

Is there anything about London that inspires you?

I think the sauce. It’s a really good sauce, it’s more complex than most sauces out there….the sauce on a slice of Stobie’s pizza.

You like your Stobie’s Pizza. Did it affect who you’ve become? Did it lead you to comedy?

After years of Stobie’s pizza I really grew into my own over time, became an adult, I work, I’m married, but I’ll never forget how full that Stobie’s pizza made me…also the sauce.

I’m sure you’ve travelled a good deal of the country. Outside of London, home of Stobie’s Pizza, which city or town in Canada is your favourite, and why?

Thorndale, Ontario because it’s like a 20 min drive to Stobie’s from there. Also, Thorndale has a Fall Fair that might surprise you, much like the sauce at Stobie’s.



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