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The Best Burgers In Canada

Photo: Niklas Rhose

Photo: Niklas Rhose

Call it a trend: from diners to fine dining establishments, everybody’s got a burger on the menu these days—not that anyone’s complaining. The burger never fails to satisfy. When you find yourself travelling throughout Canada, these are the burgers you’ve got to try.


2 Doors Down, Halifax

forgot to post this 🍔🍟 #lit #foodporn

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Sure, the donair rules the East Coast but everyone needs a burger break. 2 Doors Down is definitely a more upscale hamburger experience. At $17.50, their classic with cheese isn’t cheap but it’s made to order from house-ground PEI chuck, brisket, and short ribs and comes with a side of your choice (get the sea salt fries).


Jukebox Burger, Montreal

Skip Montreal’s notorious $100 Kobe beef burger and go for something just as satisfying (that doesn’t require taking out a line of credit). Jukebox Burger makes an excellent burger, excellent poutine, and excellent burgers with poutine on them. The ‘50s-themed restaurant was on an episode of You Gotta Eat Here! in case you want to get a closer look at that thing.


Holy Chuck, Toronto


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Holy Chuck’s Big Bad Wolf is a caramelized-onion-and-mustard masterpiece inspired by California’s famed In-N-Out chain. Is it their best burger? Maybe, but one look at the shop’s extensive menu will tell you that choosing a favourite is next to impossible. Want your ground steak burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches? Holy Chuck does that. Wish Nutella, pineapple, and maple syrup were considered burger toppings? They are here. Multiple visits are required.


BRGRZ, Collingwood

All about fresh, customizable burgers? Look no further than BRGRZ in Collingwood, Ontario. This little burger joint packs a big punch and serves up some of the freshest and tastiest burgers around and best of all they have all the toppings you could ever want.


Mrs. Mike’s, Winnipeg

Just a quick burger the size of my head #mrsmikes #winnipeg #mb

A post shared by Quinn (@stemarie403) on

When it comes to burgers, Winnipeg has heaps of options. While it seems everyone in the city has a different preference for their favourite burger, it’s hard to beat a classic. Mrs. Mike’s is a tiny, vintage red-and-white takeout counter that still looks the same as it did when it opened in 1969. Get ready for a) major mom-and-pop vibes, and b) their famous chili-topped King Burger with a milkshake on the side.


Splitz Grill, Whistler

it's like a Subway, but it's burgers instead !! 🍔 #JDVANFOODIES

A post shared by 📍VANCOUVER, BC (@jdvanfoodies) on

Splitz throws down the hamburger gauntlet by calling itself “the house of the best burgers”—a bold claim in a country as big and as burger-obsessed as Canada. Choose your meat—they offer beef, buffalo, lamb, turkey, salmon, plus a lentil veggie version—and complete it with classic toppings like cheese and bacon or unusual options like baba ghanouj or hummus. Then judge their claim for yourself.


Clive Burger, Calgary

Calgary has not been left out of the burger boom and Clive Burger is proof. Their quarter-pound burgers are made from hormone-free Alberta beef and their list of locally-sourced topping options goes far beyond the average while still keeping it classic. But the most difficult decision you’ll have to make here is whether to have your burger with a tall can or one of Clive Burger’s near-legendary custard shakes. We bow down to the burger-eater who can handle both.


Did we miss your favourite burger in Canada? Let us know in the comments below.


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