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Make Travelling Easier With These Tech Essentials


While the whole point of travelling is often to unwind and unplug, sometimes you just can’t leave certain gadgets behind.

Whether you’re going on a work trip or just want to document your vacation for a blog, there are devices out there specifically designed for travelling that will actually enhance and upgrade your vacation experience. To help get your travelling off on the right foot, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite tech gadgets that will make your trip as effortless, seamless, and memorable as possible. Before you hit the airport, rail station, or highway, make sure you take these devices with you.


Tile Pro

Tile could be the most useful travel companion on this list. This small, Bluetooth device attaches to your luggage, wallet, keys, or anything you might easily misplace and lets you track exactly where all your items are at any given moment. Another nice feature—these devices can be bought in bulk, coming in handy for those who are prone to leaving their belongings behind.


Defunc TRUE Earbuds

Long flights always require a good set of headphones. Babies are crying, the man next to you is snoring, and the flight attendants are busy rustling around with carts and trays. The solution—the Defunc TRUE wireless headphones. They may be small, but they are mighty. These earbuds effectively block out noise while maintaining a comfort level that will keep them in your ears without causing any pain for the entire flight.


Google Chromecast

If you thought you had to be without TV on your vacation, think again! With Google Chromecast, you don’t have to be without Netflix, HBO Go, or Hulu on your vacation. Simply plug this small streaming device into a TV’s HDMI port, connect it to your smartphone or tablet through Wi-Fi, and watch your favourite movies and shows on the big screen whenever and wherever you want.


Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar

There’s no need to turn off your tunes when you need to recharge your phone. The Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar offers dual functionality for charging and listening to your iPhone or iPad. Whether you want to charge in the car, at the airport between flight connections or when you’re winding down on the beach, the adapter makes it possible to listen to Lightning Audio and power your smartphone, simultaneously.


Anker PowerCore 1000

A portable charger is an absolute a travel must. If you’re trying to find the location of your hostel, a dead phone battery won’t be of much use. While travelling, you’re often away from electricity and places with which to recharge your smartphone, camera, or e-reader. Anker’s Powercore 1000 is one of the smallest and lightest external batteries around but don’t let that fool you, it has enough power to charge a phone over three times.


Skyroam Solis Global Hotspot

The Skyroam Solis Global Hotspot is great for those who need to work while they travel or are avid bloggers. This mobile hotspot offers 4G LTE data for up to five different devices almost anywhere around the world. While the device does cap data at 500MB a day, it’s still a huge benefit to have when searching for your Airbnb at 2 a.m. in Paris.


Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse

The Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse means you don’t have to choose between paper and digital records. This pen takes convenience to the next level by integrating the experience of writing by hand into modern day technology. Whether you’re writing a travelogue in your journal, sketching Big Ben, or organizing lunch plans in Tokyo, the Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse will seamlessly record and store your notes safely and digitally.

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