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Manitoba Teen Reese Precourt Bakes For Change In Her Community


Canada has a rich past that’ll be celebrated on our 150th birthday, but a few young Canadians are also using the milestone to look to the future.

Meet Reese Precourt, a 15-year-old student from St. Andrews, Manitoba. She’s making her community better one cupcake at a time with help from RBC’s Make 150 Count initiative.

To celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary, RBC is giving thousands of youth across the country $150 to use to make their communities better.

In Precourt’s case, she was able to combine her love of baking and passion for creating social change by hosting a charity bake sale. She donated the proceeds to Lighthouse Mission, a local Winnipeg charity that offers support to the city’s less fortunate.

“[Homelessness]  is seen very easily across Canada and the world, poverty is very common,” she said. “I particularly come from a home that supported me very well and I’m so lucky to have been in that place. Now, I just want to be able to help as much as I can for people who haven’t experienced those sort of things.”


For any other young people who want to make their community better, Precourt says it’s easy.

“People will see what I’ve done and think, ‘Oh my god I have to do something that big to make a change or make an impact,'” she said. “It’s so easy to go to a soup kitchen or a food drive and help out at your local community centre. Anything you can do, because those little things do help, even though people don’t think they do.”

For more information on how you can #Make150Count visit

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