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About Ruby Range Adventure

Ruby Range Adventure has been leading travellers on extraordinary trips exploring the Yukon’s deepest wilderness since 1984. Whether canoeing down a wild river or trekking through the vast subalpine into majestic ranges, Ruby Range guarantees a one-a-kind, unforgettable journeys into Canada’s rugged and pristine True North.

The Offer

Make Canada’s 150th extra special with a truly Canadian experience: Paddle the Yukon River and save money while you’re at it.

The Details

The guided canoe tour on the spectacular Yukon River is a once-in-a-lifetime Canadian Signature Experience. Afterwards, you’ll continue the adventure in Dawson City—just like the Klondike Gold Rushers did more than a century ago. Save big when you use promo code: MTCYUKRIV20 when you book your experience!



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