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Think You Can Outrun The Bay Of Fundy Tide?

Everyone likes a good foot race. You don’t have to look further than your cities race schedule to know that if you want to, you can enter races that involve throwing coloured chalk, obstacle courses, or in National Parks. But few races make use of their natural environment like the Not Since Moses race in Nova Scotia, which is literally a race against the Bay of Fundy tide. Crazy.



Having been held for eight years, the Not Since Moses race has developed something of a cult following. All ages are welcome to choose from a 5km course and a 10k course, so it’s bound to be busy, and as you can imagine, things get dirty. You’re not only running in the mud when you’re racing on the ocean floor, but through sea shells, seaweed, rocky outcrops, and sandy shores. This race is tough, and if you don’t keep up your pace, you’ve got a trailing tide to add into the mix.



The courses themselves are incredibly beautiful. The run takes participants across tidal rivers exposed sea beds, along magnificent red cliffs, and through zones typically only seen by boat. If you’re up for some amazing natural beauty, a difficult physical challenge, and a little bit of risk this summer, the Not Since Moses race should not be missed.


Everything You Need To Know To Go


The 5K course begins at Sand Point in Five Islands, Nova Scotia. The 10K starts at Soley Cove and finishes at Sand Point.


A race on the Maritime’s mud flats.


Saturday August 12, 2017. The 5k and 10k start at 10:00 a.m.


Both the 5k and 10k are $60.

What to bring:

A good pair of running shoes and clothes you aren’t worried about getting dirty. An additional change of clothes is also advised. Organizers bring water to the course, but personal snacks and refreshments after the run are always a good idea.


The shoreline between Truro and Parrsboro has limited lodging, so be sure to book well in advance if you intend to stay the weekend. We recommend The Sunshine Inn and Tidal River Ridge Retreat. There is also camping nearby at Five Islands Provincial Park.

How To Get There:

All participants park near a baseball field on Highway 2 in Five Islands. The lot is well marked and has volunteers. From there, buses deliver participants to applicable starting areas.


Not Since Moses Race: Key race and lodging locations

Trip Details

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