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Newfoundland’s Iceberg Season Is Here And It’s Spectacular


photo credit: @seanhtphoto

Someone hit play on “Ice, Ice, Baby” because the icebergs have arrived. Last month, a massive iceberg appeared in Ferryland, Newfoundland, which means the season for scoping out these frozen beauties has officially begun.

The small town of Ferryland has suddenly become a tourist spot, thanks to the Insta-worthy views of the massive iceberg chilling by the coastline. Break the ice with our roundup of the best ‘berg photos below.


On top of the road, you can see the clear coastline, which is the best spot for iceberg hunting.

#icebergsnl #ferryland #explorenl #escapeintocolor

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This iceberg trio squads up for the perfect composition.


Imagine catching the first morning light with this sight of the Atlantic Ocean.


We’d love to take a polar bear dip in that turquoise pool (but definitely don’t do that, because it’s extremely dangerous!).


Dogs go iceberg hunting, too!


This ancient beauty was feelin’ the striped look today.


No fog can cover this massive ‘berg. Can you believe it’s just the tip?


Get up close and personal with the 10,000-year-old beauties that arrive every spring.


Complement a warm Newfoundland sunset with an ice cold ‘berg.

Iceberg just after sunset, Old Perlican, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland #icebergsnl #sunset #sunsets

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The west coast of Newfoundland is the best coast.


Test out the waters for your chance to get this close.


Want to stay in the loop of when the next iceberg is reaching’? Check out to track icebergs in real time for locals and travellers alike.

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