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Hidden Gem: The Wonderfully Unique Ness Creek Music Festival


Photo: Ness Creek Cultural and Recreational Society FB Page


For over 26 years, thousands of music fans have travelled just outside of Prince Albert National Park for the Ness Creek Music Festival. Most of them come with their tents, drums, and sleeping bags in hand for what’s known as the ‘Woodstock of Saskatchewan’. At the festival, everything from big name musicians to intimate local bands perform surrounded by trees and open air. If haven’t booked your plane ticket to Saskatoon just yet, here are five reasons to check out Ness Creek Music Festival 2017. And trust us, you will be booking the next ticket to SK by the end of this article.

1. Set Up Camp In The Tent City


Over 4,000 people attend this incredible festival just beyond the border of Prince Albert National Park. To stay true to the surroundings, every festival-goer is encouraged to camp in tents. It’s hard to beat falling asleep beneath Northern Saskatchewan’s stars while listening to the sound of music playing through the trees.


2. You Already Love Most Of The Lineup


Some past musicians have included: Yukon Blonde, Les Hay Babies, The Soujourners, Danny Michel, Deep Dark Woods, The Pack A.D., Elliot Brood, Old Man Leudecke, Reuben And The Dark, Said The Whale, and The Wooden Sky. While it’s awesome hearing new musicians, it’s nice knowing enough words to sing along with your favourite songs.


3. Participate In Unique Workshops And Classes


Any good festival, especially one that bills itself as ‘The Woodstock of Saskatchewan’, is going to include some workshops. The Ness Creek Music Festival has 75 workshops from permaculture to dance and kitchen jams. Workshops present an opportunity to learn a new skill or craft but are also an amazing opportunity to meet other concert-goers. New friends and new skills; that’s a win.


4. It’s Just Outside The Boundaries Of A Beautiful National Park


We’ve written about Prince Albert National Park before. It’s a special place. Now imagine having a music festival just outside of it’s borders, at Nesslin Lake. This festival experience is complimented by swaying trees, the lapping tides of lakes, and clear open skies. That and 4,000 people and amazing bands. It’s not your typical “Kumbaya” campfire experience.


5. You Can Enjoy The Lineup Year Round


Anyone who’s curious about the music at Ness Creek Music Festival can tune into CFCR 90.5 FM on the first Tuesday of every month at 10 am to listen to the Ness Creek Radio Review: A selection of Canadian music including a sampling of each Ness Creek Music Festival lineup before the festival. In addition to this, the Ness Creek Festival site is used for the Fire and Ice Winter Festival: Snow sculpting, ski trails, sleigh rides, bonfires, open jams, fireworks, pancake breakfasts, and ‘Melting Man’ (yeah, it’s exactly what it sounds like).


Everything You Need To Know To Go


Ness Creek Music Festival: An incredible music festival within the woods of Saskatchewan


Just outside of Prince Albert National Park at Nesslin Lake. The closest community is Big River, Saskatchewan.


The 13th until the 16th of July 2017


Early bird tickets are $135 for the entire weekend. Available here.



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