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Mackenzie Jefferies Roots For Eco Awareness In His Newfoundland Hometown


Canada’s 150th birthday will be a celebration of the country’s past, but a few young Canadians are using the milestone to look to the future.

To celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary, RBC is giving thousands of youth across the country $150 to use to make their communities better.

Meet 18-year-old Mackenzie Jefferies from Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, who used his RBC Make 150 Count spending money to plant trees and boost eco awareness in his hometown.

With help from RBC, Jefferies was able to plant 150 seedlings on Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus in front of their forestry building.

“Environmental sustainability is something that I believe we need to start fixing ASAP,” he said.  “From my indigenous roots I understand that the environment is not our own and we are only visiting, so we must leave it the way we found it. We must care for the world and ensure that it is still here for future generations to enjoy.”

Jefferies first became involved with sustainability advocacy when he visited Northern Canada and Western Greenland to learn about the impact of climate change. He stood on top of a retracted glacier and had a moment.

“I never really comprehended the effects of what we are doing to our environment until I was standing on top of that glacier,” he said.

Corner Brook has loads of places locals can enjoy the beauty of nature including Margaret Bowater Park, Steady Brook Falls Trail, Humber Valley Trail, Copper Mine Falls Trail and Jefferies’ personal favourite, Bottle Cove Hiking Trail. The Canadian natural beauty he’d like to see next are the Rockies out west.



For any other young Canadians looking to make a change in their community, Jefferies says to start with small steps.

“Start by researching little things that are offered within the community. Look for school or community groups that have the same goal or mind set as you. You can also start by making a group yourself if there isn’t one present! Ask your friends to join and get them to spread the word,” he said. “Every little ripple effect you make will result in a wave of change.”

For more information on how you can #Make150Count visit

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