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Which Parks Canada Site Is Your Perfect Match?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Far & Wide has teamed up with Parks Canada to help you discover which of their 171 national historic sites is your perfect match. Whether you’re adventurous, romantic or relaxed, Parks Canada’s got you covered with the ideal place to explore this year.

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, Parks Canada is offering everyone free admission all-year long.

Our own Much Creators Michael Rizzi, MissFenderr and Chelsi Madonna took the quiz themselves—see their results below and head here to take the quiz yourself!

Chelsi Madonna, The Romantic

The Newfoundland-native scored mostly romantic answers on the quiz, which pointed her toward the Manoir Papineau National Historic Site in Montebello, Quebec.

“One of my favourite places in all of Canada is Quebec City. [Manoir Papineau] aligns perfectly with the theme of my result,”  Chelsi said. She’s also a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic: “I might even take their advice and take a special someone to my destination answer!”

The chic Victorian qualities of the site is a must-see for the aesthetic-obsessed vlogger (seriously, her bright and vibrant Insta grid is goals!).


MissFenderr, The Free Spirit

The Love at First Site quiz accurately pegged Alayna as a free spirit. Signal Hill Historic National Site fits in perfectly with her outgoing personality, making her willing to try new and exciting activities like staying in a hostel or back-country snowshoeing. The dynamic Signal Hill is for travellers like Alayna who march to the beat of their own drum.

“It made me want to follow that free-spirited part of me on a new adventure,” Alayna said about the results. “I always want my partner to be pushing me to try new things!”


Michael Rizzi, The Relaxed One

Michael’s results suggested Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites, which meshes well with his cheery personality. On his channel, he’s quick to open up about his own personal experiences with his sexuality, his body image and his relationship, often taking his viewers along for the ride on his journeys to self-improvement and self-acceptance. Fort Rodd Hill is perfect for a workaholic like Michael—it’s a place that’s easy to relax and recharge at surrounded by the beauty of nature.

“[The results]  got me thinking of the second episode of Far & Wide with Liz Trinnear, where she went through a digital detox in B.C.,” Michael said.  “I’m someone who’s very attached to their phone and laptop, so a digital detox would do me some good! I see myself enjoying the parks because I’d be able to disconnect from the world and enjoy what’s around me.”

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