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How To: Beginners Guide To In-Flight Yoga

Meet Tara Di Giuseppe and Alaina Galati, the ‘yogis’ behind Toronto’s hugely popular Drake Yoga. Their sessions, set to the sweet sounds of the 6ix God’s rap stylings, not only do wonders for bodies that spend their days in tech asana (that’s “hunched over a laptop” for you yoga newbies) but they also raise cash for a really excellent cause. We asked Tara and Alaina how they survive a long flight and come out the other end not looking and feeling like they’ve spent those hours in the baggage compartment.

“We’ve taken several 15+ hour hauls around the globe and have a few tips to give your body the best fighting chance,” says the pair. Read on and commit their in-flight yogic wisdom to heart before your next trip.

Step 1

Drink. (Settle down, guys. We mean water.) Not only does this protect you from recycled air-germs and from shrivelling up in the Sahara Desert (aka the airplane), it forces you to get up and walk to the bathroom. Two birds, one stone? How about three birds, one stone? On your way up the aisle, drop into a deep lunge with each step. While the front leg gets a nice burn in the quad going, the other leg gets a solid stretch along the calf, quad, hip flexor and psoas. Make sure to smile and wave at your fellow passengers when they give you stink-eye for being a weirdo. They are just jealous.


Step 2 

Take those monkey arms of yours and straighten them up to the ceiling so you feel a stretch like the one you do right after waking up in the morning. If you have long arms, aim them straight behind you or try one arm at a time.


Step 3

Your mind isn’t the only thing that needs to be kept entertained on a forever flight. Every time you start a new movie, new album, or new chapter, give your spine a little somethin’-somethin’ too. A simple twist to each side, using the armrests as leverage is a beautiful thing. Hold each side for five breaths while twisting your neck in the same direction to get the rotation across all the vertebrae. You are now an owl.


Step 4

Sit up straight and cross one foot onto the top of your other thigh so your legs look like an upside down four. Gently press your knee down and lean forward. This is getting into your outer hip and releasing your back. And preparing you to put your foot behind your head. NBD.

Have any tips for long flights? Let us know in the comments below.

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