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TIFF Selfie Survival Guide: Everything You Need And Need To Know


photo credit: getty images

When it comes to TIFF, spotting (much less taking pictures with) celebrities can be an exercise in endurance. Hundreds of people line up hours in advance just to see their fave celebs walk the red carpet. Or they wait patiently in front of popular restaurants hoping that a famous person might decide to grab dinner there.

Many spend hours and sometimes even days trying to catch a glimpse of their favourite actors, and most of those people walk away exhausted and disappointed. But that doesn’t have to be you. Check out our ultimate guide to TIFF celeb spotting and hopefully you’ll never find yourself stuck in the rain with a dead phone and a broken heart ever again.


Be Patient

This is one thing every celebrity spotter seems to agree on. Some celebrities take a while to show up to screenings or red carpet premieres. Some—like Emma Watson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Natalie Portman—prefer to head straight into events instead of interacting with fans. Missing the chance to talk to or take a picture with your idol can be discouraging, but don’t give up. Remember: there are plenty of other incredibly famous fish in the sea.


Find Ways To Kill Time

If you’re willing to wait as long as it takes to meet a celebrity, avoid the potential excruciating boredom by taking along some stuff to pass the time. If you’re by yourself, bring a book, a magazine, or a portable video game console. If you’re with friends, pack some playing cards or bring back a couple of those old road trip games you used to play as a kid. “Password” and “Contact” are a couple of our favourites.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

Whether you’re waiting by a red carpet or trying to follow celebs around the city, you’re going to be doing a lot of standing and/or walking. It might be tempting to wear those sparkly heels or brand new boots, but believe us: whoever you end up meeting will not pay attention to your footwear. Wear your comfiest pear of runners or sneakers instead—you’ll thank yourself later.

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Get A Map (Or A Map App)

This is for all the non-Torontonian TIFF-goers out there. The city can be a little confusing, so instead of accidentally walking 30 minutes away from the bar you meant to go to, download a navigation app like Citymapper. Or you could embrace your inner tourist and pick up an old-fashioned paper map.

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Bring A Charger

How devastated would you be if you were mere seconds away from taking a selfie with Matt Damon only to realize that your phone or camera was out of battery? Bring a charger with you to avoid those close calls. And portable chargers are a thing now, so there’s no excuse.


Do Your Research

Stalker Sarah, celebrity spotter extraordinaire, has managed to snap over 9,000 celebrity selfies over the course of several years. Her secret? Know when and where you’re going at all times. In order to successfully snap a pic with Harry Styles, Sarah and her friends went so far as to figure out when his plane was going to land and calculate how many hours he’d likely sleep after landing. We’re not saying you have to go that far, but maybe find out where Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone dined out when they visited Toronto in the past.

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Stand Out

According to celebrity selfie expert Reem Chahrour, you can improve your chances of snapping that Instagram-worthy pic if you do something a little out of the box. Apparently Rachel McAdams agreed to take a selfie with her because they bonded over their mutual love of the TTC. So make a crazy sign, come up with a funny anecdote, convince your friends to wear matching t-shirts—anything (within reason) to make yourself stand out from the pack.

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