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How To Plan The Perfect New Brunswick Road Trip

Melissa & Camille embracing the road.

Melissa & Camille embracing the road.

If you haven’t been on a road trip you need to start planning one now. To help you get started we will let you in on our road trip along the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Not only does the Bay of Fundy have the most dramatic tides in the world, it also has some amazing hikes, sights and accommodations. Not sure where to start? First, download this playlist:

Next, check out our itinerary below…

Road Trip Day 1: Arrival In Moncton

Start your trip in Moncton, NB, where you can stay at The Marriot Residence Inn and walk across the street to the Pumphouse Brewery. Not only is it close but it serves a killer pizza and house brewed beer, including my favourite: The Blueberry Lager.

How to get here: A two-hour direct flight from Toronto, ON to Moncton, NB.

Where to eat: Pumphouse Brewery

Where to stay: Marriot Residence Inn


Road Trip Day 2: The Hopewell Rocks & Cape Enrage

Head to The Hopewell Rocks for low tide and catch the dramatic tides of the Bay of Fundy. A tide as high as 14.5 metres (47.5 feet) is hard to imagine until you’re standing right there on the ocean floor looking up at where the water was just a couple of hours ago.

Walking of the floor of the ocean

Walking on the floor of the ocean

After snapping some photos at Hopewell Rocks head to Cape Enrage. Here you can try your luck at rappelling down 43m (142 ft) waterside rock cliffs. After you get your taste of adrenaline head to Fundy National Park and check yourself into The Goutte d’Ô cabin for the night for a unique experience you can only find in Fundy National Park.

Where to eat: Buy some fresh lobster from a local lobster shop in Alma and cook it over the campfire.

Where to stay: The Goutte d’Ô in Point Wolfe Campground


Road Trip Day 3: The Fundy Trail & Grand Manan

After your epic night glamping, jump into the car and head to The Fundy Trail  where you can take in the sights and hike the epic coastlines of Fundy. After you take in the sights head on over to Blacks Harbour to catch the ferry to Grand Manan.

Views Gif

Nothing but views…

Where to eat: Picaroons General Store

Where to stay: Marathon Inn


Road Trip Day 4: Grand Manan & Fredericton

In the morning go to Café Bleu Marie. This place is super cute and the ultimate provider of slow food on the island. Next check out the Swallow Tail Lighthouse, which is one of the prettiest lighthouses we have ever seen. You can also spot this lighthouse from the ferry on your way out to Blacks Harbour.

One of the most beautiful lighthouses we have ever seen...

One of the most beautiful lighthouses we have ever seen…

Where to eat: Grab breakfast at Café Bleu Marie and have dinner at Monks & Jonesie Gastro Truck and drinks at Gray Stone Brewery in Fredericton

Where to stay: Crowne Plaza


Did we miss some of your favourite stops in NB? Let us know in the comments below…


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