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How To Hike Your Way To Newfoundland’s Most Epic View

You’ve likely seen photos of the incredible Western Brook Pond fjord before. Maybe you even asked yourself how you could hike the view for yourself.



The truth is, this view doesn’t have a road to the top. No buses in, no gondolas up, no convenient photo perches or glossy pamphlets.  The only way to get to this beautiful location is via a hike that requires an advanced fitness level. But, the fact that there are obstacles to getting there makes this view and hike all the more unique.


Hike The Western Brook Pond Gorge

Your only option to get to this magnificent view top in a day is booking a guided hike with BonTours. After meeting your guide in the Western Brook pond parking lot (route 430) the day begins with a pretty stunning 45-minute walk to the docks of the Western Brook Pond, this tour company shuttles you across the water and drops you off with a guide at the mouth of the fjord. From there, you and your guide hike to the top of the gorge. Along the way your guide can give you a rundown of why this incredible natural attraction exists and give you a bit of info on the history of the area. At the top, you can take a breather and a quick lunch break before  heading down to the dock for a return shuttle ride up the pond with the gentle hike back to the parking area.



The entire outing takes about 8 hours, with a 450 meter, 12 kilometre back-country hike over varying terrain to the top that can be very challenging depending on your hiking experience and level of fitness. Hiking through the park’s river beds, beneath cliffs, beside waterfalls and within forests and meadows is a rewarding and cool task. But the view itself is what you’re after, so bring your camera and keep your mind on the goal.


Everything You Need To Know To Go

What: A guided hike up a mountain alongside a landlocked fjord to one of the most epic views in all of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Where: Gros Morne National Park

Stats: The distance from the boat drop off to the summit and back is approximately 12 kilometres with an elevation gain of 450 meters.

When: Late June to early September. 

Trail notes: Dogs are not permitted. Reservations are required Via Telephone: Toll Free @ 1-888-458-2016 0r 1-709-458-2016 Via Email

What to bring: There’s no food, shelter, or water on the trail. As such you need to bring all necessary hiking gear. Pack a waterproof windbreaker as mountain weather is drastically different than weather at lower altitudes. Bring at least one litre of water per person and even more if it’s warmer. Lastly, be sure to wear comfortable and sturdy footwear.


Trip Details

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