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Gilmore Girls Fan Fest Is Just As Delightful As Gilmore Girls Itself

A couple months ago, we gave you the heads-up that Gilmore Girls Fan Fest—which, until this year, had only been held in the U.S.—would be coming to Canada for the very first time.

The event, held in Unionville, Ontario, went off without a hitch this past weekend, and it was pretty much everything a Gilmore Girls fan could want. Let’s break it down bit by bit, Rory style:


The Location

 The pilot for Gilmore Girls—known for its picturesque shots and cozy small-town set pieces—was actually shot in Unionville, and it’s not hard to understand why if you’ve ever visited the place. Home to a local rink, a general store, multiple desert shops and yes, even a gazebo, Unionville is pretty much a real-life Stars Hollow. The fact that the fest was smartly slated to take place at the beginning of fall didn’t hurt either (Gilmore Girls is an indisputably autumnal show, and we’ll fight anyone who says otherwise).


The Events

The Fan Fest schedule was packed with events both directly Gilmore related (e.g. trivia sessions) and Gilmore adjacent (knitting sessions, coffee socials), helping ensure that even casual Gilmore watchers could enjoy themselves alongside the more die-hard fans. Among the highlights? A costume contest that helped bring about some truly iconic Robert and Miss Patty impressions, and a panel focusing on Rory and Lorelai’s instantly recognisable, often-imitated outfits.


The Guests

Meeting your fellow Gilmore super fans is cool, don’t get us wrong. But getting a chance to meet some of the cast and crew members who worked on the actual show? Maybe just a tad bit cooler. Fan Fest attendees got the chance to meet and talk to some of the show’s actors, including Scott Patterson (Luke Danes), Liz Torres (Miss Patty), and Emily Kuroda (Mrs. Kim) as well as crew members like Carla McClosky and Sheila Lawrence.


The People

 Gilmore Girls fans are just better than regular old non-fans. Yep, we said it. Though Lorelai and Rory make some questionable decisions (to put it lightly) throughout the run of the series, Gilmore Girls ultimately preaches that treating your fellow townspeople—or in this case, festival-goers—with respect is of the utmost importance. From taking part in a book swap where part of the fun is writing a message to your book’s future owner to shouting out someone who did something nice for you via the communal Kindness Box (a group of guys banded together to retrieve a stranger’s wedding ring, y’all), Gilmore Girls Fan Fest was chock-full of opportunities to be kind and recognize people for their kindness.


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