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Get Lost In A Game Of Thrones-Themed Corn Maze

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Every year, Cooper’s CSA farm creates a massive 10-acre corn maze based on a really cool theme. They’ve previously done Ghostbusters and the Toronto Blue Jays, but this year’s theme sees the massive shapes of the sigils of House Targaryen, House Lannister, and House Stark in the corn. In case you didn’t figure it out by now, HBO‘s Game of Thrones is this year’s subject.

I drove up to Zephyr, Ontario, to check it out. What started off as a sunny morning soon turned into the first really chilly day of the season. It really felt like—you know where I’m going here—winter is coming.

There are two paths through the maze: Phase 1, the shorter approach that takes a brisk 30 minutes, and Phase 2, the longer route that meanders for up to an hour. So confident was I in my aMAZEing navigational abilities that I went straight for the longer route.


To help CORNfused travellers, there are Game of Thrones multiple-choice quiz questions posted throughout the maze. Correct answers lead to the right path. Not to brag, but I got out in half the expected time, with enough of the afternoon to spare for picking a pumpkin and buying some turkey pot pie and delicious squash for dinner from Cooper’s deli.

For those looking for a spookier challenge or a moonlit wander, the corn maze is open until 10pm all October Saturdays. Mazes aside, Cooper’s is delightful. There’s a hay bale climb, a pumpkin patch, wagon rides, cute goats, and black pigs munching on leftover squash.

Everything You Need To Know To Go

What: A massive Game of Thrones-themed corn maze.

Where: Cooper’s CSA in Zephyr, about an hour’s drive north of Toronto.

When: Cooper’s is open Wednesday to Friday 10pm to 7pm, Sunday 10am till 5pm. On Saturdays, the maze is open until 10pm, for those brave enough for a moonlight wander through the corn (don’t forget a flashlight).

How: Admission is only $9. Brush up on your GoT trivia in advance!

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