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Find The 4 Architecturally Stunning Artist Studios On Fogo Island

If you are into travel, art, architecture, fine dining, hiking or photography, Fogo Island is the place for you. Located in Newfoundland and Labrador, Fogo Island is the largest of the offshore islands in the province. Located North East of St. John’s, this remote island has made a name for itself internationally with its award-winning hotel and restaurant, Fogo Island Inn and its amazing arts program. If you don’t have the money for a stay at the Fogo Island Inn don’t worry you can easily stay at a B&B and go on a self-guided tour of the island. See how we did it below…



It’s very easy to spend a day wandering around the island hiking to the four different artist studios. Each studio is located a short walk away from society to give the artist a remote feeling while they work in the studios during their artist residency on the island. Most artist will stay for about three months and work daily in these studios searching for inspiration or solitude.


Squish Studio

How to get there: Head to Turpin’s Trail in the town of Tilting and follow the trail towards the ocean. Once you get to the top of the small incline you will walk up to Squish Studio situated alongside the dramatic ocean.

Long Studio

How to get there: Head to Joe Batts Arm and go to the Joe Batts Trail, trailhead. Here walk along the rocks and wooden bridges towards the ocean. After a nice stroll, you will get closer to the Long Studio. This was the first artist studio to be built and one of the most impressive in person.

Tower Studio

How to get there: You can see the Tower Studio from the road. When you locate it park in the adjacent parking lot and walk the plank towards the studio. This walk is super dramatic and sets the tone as you approach this intricate studio.

Bridge Studio

How to get there: This is one of the harder studios to find on Fogo Island. It is located in Deep Bay and starts at an unmarked trail. Look for parking and a wooden staircase leading up into the hills. This eventually will lead you to the Bridge Studio that is uniquely situated alongside a bay in seemingly the middle of nowhere.

Everything You Need To Know To Go

Where to stay:

Staying at The Fogo Island Inn will cost you a pretty penny, and if you have it we 100% recommend it. But, for most of us, it isn’t in the cards. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the arts, culture and beauty of Fogo Island. We stayed at Foley’s Harbour Bed & Breakfast and highly recommend you do the same. Not only is the hospitality amazing but the homemade scones at breakfast had us coming back for seconds.

What to bring:

Due to the remote location of Fogo Island, you need to come prepared for sudden weather changes. That means pack yourself a down coat, a rain coat and some sunscreen because you never know what you are going to get! Weather can change fast too so be sure to bring it in your pack or car if you are out for the day.

Where to eat:

Everyone wants to eat at The Fogo Island Inn. Why? Not only was it nominated for best new restaurant in Canada it is also one of the hardest ones to get a table at. Unless you are a guest of the inn you are going to have a very hard time trying to get a reservation. That being said the fine folks at Fogo Island Inn have helped create Nicole’s Cafe. This restaurant is super delicious and incredibly comfortable. Come here to warm up and indulge on some Newfoundland-specific delights like the cod cheeks and a cold Quidi Vidi Iceberg Ale.

What to do:

Go find the four artists studios scattered about the island, Squish Studio, Long Studio, Bridge Studio and Tower Studio. This scavenger hunt of architecturally unique studios will take you the full day so pack some snacks and a camera! On certain nights of the week, the Fogo Island Inn welcomes non-guests to watch films in their theatre. Look for local postings to see when the next available showing is. If you happen to catch one make sure to stay for a drink in the bar.

Trip Details

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