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How To Catch The Most Fish Of Your Life In Newfoundland

We know the title of this article might seem exaggerated, but trust us, it isn’t. This September we set out to Newfoundland and Labrador to embark on a six-day road trip jam-packed with activities exclusive to NL. One of those activities was fishing in a traditional Newfoundland dory. And b’y, did we ever go fishing!

The adventure started in Cox’s Cove where we hopped in a dory with Darren from Four Seasons Tours and motored across the water to Woman Cove. Here in the bay we dropped our lures and jigged a little jig until the fish came biting.

As a fishing newbie, I had no idea what I was doing. But, lucky for me our guide Darren was super helpful and walked me through the easy process of dropping the line and pulling up every five seconds to perform this ‘jigging’ thing. Literally a couple seconds later I felt a tug and reeled in my first fish (which took longer than I thought because the ocean floor is more than 400ft deep).

At one point a beautiful bald eagle perched in the trees nearby. Darren saw this and grabbed a fish we had caught, held it in the air and threw it into the water. Quickly and gracefully the eagle swooped in and grabbed the fish with its talons. This was the coolest thing!

Soon after we headed to the Four Seasons Tours cabin in Woman Cove for a traditional boil-up. Here we boiled up mussels, crab and lobster for lunch. This was a surreal experience. The muscles were fresh from the morning and cooked in nothing but seawater.

A couple crab legs later, we jumped back in the dory and headed out for some more fishing. Here is where it all happened. We found a protected cove and posted up to try our luck at catching some fish. Every time we dropped a lure we caught a fish. I’m talking mackerel, cod, and perch. One after another. I couldn’t even keep track. The ocean was packed with fish and made us look like fishing pros as we reeled em’ in.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video below…


Overall the Newfoundland Dory Fishing Trip with Four Seasons Tours was amazing and we totally are already planning our trip back next summer.

Thinking about booking a trip? Here are some helpful facts about fishing in NL:




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