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4 Reasons You Should Fat Bike In Saskatchewan This Winter

Fat biking is rapidly gaining popularity in Canada because it’s easy to do and a great way to get outside in the winter. One province in particular that is very excited about fat biking is Saskatchewan, which is home to Canada’s only FatBike specific cycling club called the Fatlanders. The Fatlanders promote the many amazing winter riding options available right in and around Saskatoon and Regina giving you no excuses to not try it. Check out these four reasons you should fat bike in Saskatchewan this winter:

1. You can bike in the winter

With fat bikes, you can bike all year long. The only thing you have to think about is what you are wearing. If it’s already cold outside remember it will be even colder going 12 kph so be sure to dress appropriately.

Photo: @bikedoctorstoon

2. Saskatchewan has trails specifically for Fat Biking

Fat bikes are essentially mountain bikes with fat tires. The bikes behave like mountain bikes, and you can ride them just about anywhere. They are even great for beginners and allow you to ride all the designated mountain bike trails in Saskatchewan in the winter. Our favourite fat biking trails in Saskatchewan are the are the Grey Owl’s Cabin Trail in Prince Albert National Park, the Green Lake loop in Duck Mountain Provincial Park and the trails at the Blue Mountain Adventure Park.

Photo: @bikedoctorstoon

3. The bikes come in all shapes and sizes

Due to its growth in popularity, you can now get a fat bike for anyone, big or small with a large or small budget because they have bikes made with aluminium, carbon, titanium, bamboo or steel.

Photo: @bikedoctorstoon

4. There is an annual Fat Bike race at the Wintershines Festival

Yes, the sport is so popular they have fat bike contests. The Wintershines Festival fat biking race takes place every year in January. For updates on the race and all things fat-bike check out the Flatlanders Flat Tire Club website here.

Photo: Flatlanders

Everything You Need To Know To Go

Where to rent a bike:

In Regina stop by Western Cycle or Dutch Cycle to rent a fat bike. In Saskatoon try Bruce’s Cycle Works or The Bike Doctor.

How much does it cost:

Rental costs vary from shop to shop but can be as low as $60/day for same day returns and $40 for each additional day.

What to bring:

Bring lots of breathable layers and a small riding pack so you can add or remove layers as necessary. Gloves, goggles and a face-mask are highly suggested.


How to join a tour: 

Visit to join a club for the winter or a tour for the day.


Do you love fat biking in SK? Let us know where you go in the comments below.


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