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Exploring PEI’s Hidden Hot Spots With Local Tastemaker Al Douglas


What’s up, Al Douglas. What do you do on this island?

What’s up. I do a ton of stuff. I’m all over the place. I book bands, I manage bands, I’m a photographer. I eat a lot of food. I drink a lot of beer.

Beer! There are a coupe breweries on the island. Which is your favourite?

PEI brewing company. But maybe I’m biased. I work with those guys. I do events and photography for them. Upstreet Craft Brewery are killing it. Barnone are great and outside of town. They have a beautiful place that’s worth checking out. And there are a couple more breweries coming. Craft brewing is blowing up in PEI right now.



And food. PEI is known for it. What are some of your favourite spots?

The thing I love about PEI is that you can pretty much go to any spot and the food and service will be great. That island hospitality is real. I like going outside of Charlottetown to find those hidden gems on the island. Two of my favourite spots right now are Blue Mussel Cafe and Point Prim Chowderhouse. Shouts out to my boy Paulie at Point Prim.

Favourite coffee shop?

Receiver Coffee Company. Good friends of mine. They opened up a few years ago and are doing so well with it. It’s sort of a creative hub in Charlottetown. A lot of guys use this as their own office space and meet clients there and there’s always creatives. It’s great.

What are the events you most look forward to?

Some of the bigger shows at the PEI brewing company are great. They have a great venue there that holds 600 people. One of the coolest events there is Art Battle. Painters come in, they get 20 minutes to paint whatever they can in that time. It started three years ago and has blown up into this big community art event. It’s a different way for people to come out and enjoy art than the traditional ways…It makes the painters rock stars. People are on stage being cheered on, there are lights on these local artists. It’s great.

Is there a good art scene in Charlottetown?

Absolutely. Compared to any other city of this size (50,000) you’re not going to find as vibrant of culture. Art is such a huge thing here, it’s sort of engrained into the culture here. There’s so much of it around. Finding new ways to bring that to life is my thing. There are so many artists, and musicians, and chefs, and entrepreneurs. It’s amazing.

When you’re not shooting with work, where do you like to go on the island?

The north shore is amazing. White sand dunes, red cliffs, water, the trees. The colours and contrast you can get out there are incredible. And you can’t get that anywhere else. You can’t find the same scenery in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick or Newfoundland. It’s one of a kind. Just trying to highlight those hidden spots is important to me. Every time I post somewhere new I find people are like, “Where is that, where can I go? etc.” Making spots look like they’re not PEI gets people really excited.

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