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How To Score The Perfect Day In Edmonton For Under $50

We get it. Life is expensive. Rent is increasingly going up, student loans can hold you down, and to make matters worse, it can be tough to find cheap but fun things to do while travelling. Thankfully, awesome Canadian cities like Edmonton have a host of activities and sights that don’t require breaking the bank. Read on to find out how to score the perfect day in Edmonton for under $50.


Eat A Giant Cinnamon Roll Breakfast From Sugarbowl (-$5 = $45 left)

Okay, so not really a breakfast. A giant cinnamon roll might not be the healthiest way to begin your day but they’re delicious, you’re broke, and beggars can’t be choosers. Plus, walking is completely free and this list is going to have a lot of it. So try not to worry about the calories. Enjoy that big amazing sugary roll for fewer than five bucks and let’s do this thing. If you want seconds (you will), know that Sugarbowl is located next to the High Level Bridge, a stop later on in the day.


Tour The Alberta Legislature Building (Free = $45 left)

proposed today 💍👰🏼 #shesaidno

A post shared by RIANON LEMAY (@ri.anon) on

See. You’re walking. The Alberta Legislature building is a beautiful building and offers a completely free guided tour. Check out the waterfall pools and gorgeous gardens while working your angles so you can add some clips to your Insta story and fool everyone into thinking you’re just hanging at your mansion.


Go On A Mellow Hike At Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River Valley (Free = $45 left)

Skyline #yeg #yegdt #yeggers #igyeg #skyline #autumn #fall #rivervalley #exploreedmonton #traveledmonton

A post shared by Louis Martyres (@louismartyres) on

Another free one for your broke butt. On that note, with all of this walking, your butt is going to look great. Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River valley is gorgeous and worth exploring if you visit the city. Treat yourself to some wilderness amidst Edmonton’s urban landscape.


Stroll And Eat At One Of The City Markets ($10 = $35 left)

Supporting the local farmers 🍇🍎🍒 #organic #yeg #oldstrathconafarmersmarket

A post shared by Amber (@loveambervictoria) on

Strolling through a market is free and you’ll see some cool live music, jewelry, and lots of fresh and delicious food you’ll want to eat. Depending on the day and time of year that you’re visiting, we recommend City Market Downtown, Old Strathcona Market and 124 Street Grand Market. Bring what little cash you have and go crazy. You can grab half a chicken, a loaf of bread, and some dessert delicacies for around $10. That’s living.


Walk Down 124th Street And Check Out The Art Galleries (Free = $35 left)

Strong game at The Douglas Udell Gallery.

A post shared by Orlando Randall Frederick Allen (@theblackicecream) on

Yes. It’s true. We’re talking about more walking. But also, free art. You can’t complain about that. There’s a reason all of the visual artists you know gallery hop each weekend (they’re broke).


Play Some Games At Hexagon Board Game Café (-$5 = $30 left)

Hexagon charges $2.50 an hour (per person) to try your hand at practically any board game you want. Take another $2.50 and get some caffeine in your body, because your day is just getting started.


Stretch It Out At Free Yoga At Sir Winston Churchill Square (Free = $30 left)

On Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer Sir Winston Churchill Square offers free yoga. Might be worthwhile to do some deep introspection into how you’re going to make your last $30 count. Or don’t. We got you covered.


Catch A Movie At An Art-House Cinema (-$15 = $15 left)

📽 strong David Lynch vibes at the Princess Theatre 🎟

A post shared by L J de Gara (@worrypower) on

Located in Old Strathcona, Princess Theatre is gorgeous and has an admission that’s priced super well at $8 for students and $11 for general public. That cost of admission to a historic theatre with a traditional theatre concession is hard to pass up. Maybe buy some popcorn, too.


Take In The Sunset On The High Level Bridge (-$5 = $10 left)

The High Level Bridge is a treat to drive through, but the streetcar on top is something special. For just $5 the car will take you slowly across the river and provide one of the best views of Edmonton and the setting sun.


Take In Downtown Edmonton’s Neon Sign Museum (Free = $10 left)

Strolling in the night 🌙

A post shared by 채은 CHAE UN 采恩 🎗 (@lucychan94) on

With the sun set, now is the best time to check out Edmonton’s Neon Sign Museum. These colourful halogen tubes are a pretty cool spectacle and make for a nice backdrop in a photo.


Look At The Stars At U of A Observatory (Free = $10 left)

The sun through a telescope at the U of A Observatory. #rbjh #centurionpride #uofaobservatory #astronomy #ualberta

A post shared by Riverbend Junior High (@jhbend) on

Another freebie and a unique and cool experience. Take advantage of the telescope at the University of Alberta Observatory and get a view of the cosmos that not many get a chance to witness.


Cap Off The Night With Ikki Izakaya ($10 = $0 left)

ANNMS crew reunited. Welcome back @mmmashall. • • #shopannms

A post shared by Ke(Kee) Wang (@_keee_) on

If you’ve never been to a Japanese Izakaya, you’re in for a treat. These Japanese gastropubs serve up cold beers and incredibly delicious bar snacks, but the best part may be the prices. You can order two hot or cold tapas for around $10. When all is said and done, maybe you can celebrate your amazing day with a beer or cocktail. Put it on your credit card.

Check out all of the spots mentioned in this story on the map below.


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