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Eating Clean And Green In Canada With Celebrity Health Consultant Mikaela Reuben

Do you identify as a foodie? Are you health focused? Do you enjoy cooking and food creation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably already know of Mikaela Reuben. We recently interviewed Mikaela for a guide to eating clean and green across the country.

Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., Mikaela’s passion for food and nutrition began at an early age. Her dedication to her craft showed it’s dividends when she was just 17, as her diet and lifestyle coaching helped her father make a dramatic recovery from a heart-attack. From that point forward, Mikaela knew her calling was rooted in food and nutrition.

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To date, Mikaela has spent years inspiring people to make healthier food decisions by way of nutritional advice and health coaching. Her work as a culinary nutritionist and health consultant has led to clients as renowned as Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Woody Harrelson.

What distinguishes Mikaela is her work and philosophies that extend beyond diet and exercise, as she employs different global-cultural healing traditions, while honouring respective bio-diversity. In addition to receiving raw chef training, Mikaela has achieved various certifications in cooking, holistic health, personal training and sports nutrition, and a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Victoria.


S: Vancouver is your home base and it happens to have a lot of health-conscious restaurants. Do you have a favourite?

M: Bao Bei is my favourite restaurant in Vancouver because it executes dishes in a way like I have never tasted before and in a way that I would not be able to cook for myself. It is a Chinese Brasserie but is also a fusion of so many more influences. The Chef was raised with a French Mother and Japanese tofu making father so every dish feels ‘worldly.’ For me, it is always an exciting experience to indulge there for a night, as it is so different than the food that I create for my clients.

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S: What are some of the best ‘health-conscious’ restaurants in the country?


Vancouver, BC: Heirloom and Acorn

Victoria, BC:  Rebar and Be Fresh

Calgary, AB: The Coup

Banff, AB: Nourish

Saskatoon, SK:  Leyda’s, Feel Good Guru

Toronto, ON: Live Organic Food Bar

Montreal, QC: Aux Vivres

Halifax, NS: Heartwood

Charlottetown, NS: Tai Chi Gardens

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S: Which province or territory has some of your favourite ingredients to cook with?

M: I love the coastal provinces, east and west, particularly Nova Scotia and British Columbia. From berries to fresh seafood, there is something so unique about the ingredients that grow in these places that I cannot get enough of for my cooking.

S: Do you have a distinctly Canadian dish that you like to cook?

M: I use Maple Syrup and Smoked Salmon all the time but I am not sure if there is a dish that is distinctly Canadian that I cook! I literally put salmon on everything, though, and maple syrup is one of my favourite sweeteners.

S: Do you know of any undiscovered or underrated health-focused restaurants in the country?

M: Yes, a place called Nourish in Vancouver. Their mandate is to cook not from a diet standpoint but from a holistic standpoint. Nourish has everything: beef broth, homemade kefir, cultured cheeses, vegetable noodles, local meats and seafood.

S: Going from coast-to-coast, what are your go-to restaurants in Canada?


Tofino, BC:  Tacofino and Wolf in the Fog

Victoria, BC:  Tapa Bar and Be Fresh

Vancouver, BC: Bao Bei

Calgary, AB: Market Restaurant

Saskatoon, SK: Nosh Eatery and Tap

Toronto, ON: Fresh

Halifax, NS: Chives or Lion and Bright

Winnipeg, MB: Segovia Tapas

S: Do you have some favourite farmers markets or food suppliers in Canada?

M: Most of the cities I have been to across Canada have had some type of amazing market, but mostly I love shopping at the Trout Market in Vancouver and Jean Talon in Montreal!

S: What city in Canada offers the best (nutritious/delicious) cuisine?

M: That is a very hard call as I think many of the cities across Canada are stepping up their health game. Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary have all surpassed some of my expectations but I would still have to go with Victoria BC. Per capita, there are so many spots popping up that have a focus on nutrient dense, vegetable heavy, locally sourced foods. It is a great place to explore healthy and delicious eating!

Joel Watanabe photo:


S: Who is your favourite chef in Canada and why?

M: Joel Watanabe. He has knowledge in French, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine and it shows in his cooking. His talent and knowledge are unchallenged and his ability to create fusion-based meals with consideration is experienced through every bite. I have watched him as he tastes everything that is constructed in the kitchen, monitoring what is served. His execution is flawless, his food is excellent, he knows about health and nutrition, and he is an amazing person to just be around!

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