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Going After The Big Ones In PEI



If you saw the recent news story on the 23 pound lobster caught in Atlantic Canada, it’s pretty easy to understand the appeal of deep sea fishing. Vast, open waters, huge fish, the hunt, and the immense challenge of capturing some elusive deep sea fish. All of that and deep sea fish are delicious. The only catch is we tend to think of deep sea fishing in tropical warm waters and getting to those waters isn’t exactly cheap.



Interestingly, PEI is home to some of the best deep sea fishing on the planet and a charter won’t break your bank. We opted for Tranquility Cove Adventures who offer open salt water, the pursuit of sought after deep sea fish like mackerel, an informative captain and guide, and a fresh BBQ right on the boat, all for only $55.





To begin, you’re outfitted with a much bulkier fishing rod and reel than most are used to. As you can imagine, the fish in deep seas are much bigger than those that are landlocked. The good news is, after a short tutorial on proper technique, your rig is all set up so you can just chuck your line to sea. No questions asked, no additional time or effort required. Basically, you’re fishing five minutes after boarding the boat.





Once everyone had their initial fishing fix, the captain of our boat pulled up some oysters and lobsters to explain the process of commercial fishing, how long these species took to mature, and what to look for when selecting these species at a market or grocery store.




Everyone started reeling in fish, which were stored on ice on the boat for the impending BBQ. Plenty of snacks and water was on board to tide over anyone who was getting hungry. When the ship’s captain was certain we had all caught our fair share of fish, the BBQ was fired up and the fish were filleted. Anyone who wanted to learn how to properly fillet the fish was invited to do so. Our boat set back to shore as our crew indulged in warm freshly caught and cooked seafood.




Everything You Need To Know To Go

When: Spring to Fall

Price: $55.00

What To Bring: Sunscreen, a windbreaker or water resistant jacket, a camera, Gravol or any medication for sea sickness.

How to get there: You’re going to have to rent a car in PEI as there isn’t extensive public transit. Fortunately, there are a myriad of car rental options at the airport and Tranquility Cove Adventures is a mere 50-minute drive from the airport.


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