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Day In The Life: The Best Of Halifax With Pro Surfer Dean Petty

Would you believe me if I told you a professional surfer from the United States chose to call Nova Scotia home? Well, believe it. Meet Dean Petty, an American transplant living, working, and surfing in Nova Scotia. We caught up with Dean to capture a typical day in the beautiful Maritimes…

Dean, why did you move to Nova Scotia?

My Mom lived here with her first husband before I was born. She had a community up here that played a part in Nova Scotia being in my life at a younger age. Then, later in life I went to Dalhousie University to complete a degree in environmental sciences and economics. After University I moved to California to further pursue surfing and hurt my knee. After that injury I realized that I didn’t want to be that kind of surfer and missed Nova Scotia, so I came home. The day I got home I met Zane (owner of Anchored Coffee). The next day I started as a sales rep for Anchored Coffee and then six months in was offered partnership in the company. The rest is history…

What is it about Nova Scotia that you love?

I like that we have seasons and cold winters… It gives people a bit of grit. Makes them real. I like this area of Nova Scotia because you can have the nice kind of town/city-vibe and then easily be at a lake or somewhere beautiful and in nature. It is nice and small and easy to live here. It has all of the things that I like to do while still being quiet.

Where can one buy coffee from Anchored Coffee?

Anchored Coffee is sold at 50+ cafés across Canada. But, to make things easier you can buy it online here.

What are some of your favourite restaurants in Halifax?

  • Edna – brunches. Enough said.
  • Field Guide – really great cocktails. I usually get the braised beef taco – donair steamed bun
  • ACE Burger – In a dive bar called Gus’s Pub
  • Still Well – Beer bar – have really good higher end bar snacks – Tokyo fries and burgers are really good
  • Truly Tasty – really good Ramen
  • The Canteen – great lunch spots great sandwiches

Where are your favourite places to visit in the city?

  • The waterfront and the Seaport Farmers Market on weekend
  • Point Pleasant Park is really beautiful. If you keep going out of the harbour from the market there is a huge park on this point of land. It is a good walk
  • Pro Skates – it has all the good stuff under one roof
  • In the winter the ice skating Emera Oval is really fun
  • The skatepark – It is called The Commons – The oval is part of the commons there is tennis courts and some baseball diamonds – public gardens

What are some of the best events you look forward to?

  • Jazz Festival – In July there is nothing like listening to those jazzy beats
  • Winkle Fest – My friend Anthony owned and opened a café/BNB and they have a little music festival at the end of September
  • Nocturne is a pretty cool  event in October – people set up art and bike around and look at it

Why do you think everyone should visit/move to Halifax?

People should move here because there is a lot of upcoming energy and room to create businesses. I think that kind of goes for visiting too, there are all these new and exciting businesses, landscapes, terrain, and fun outdoor activities to do like fishing, hiking, surfing and there is great mountain biking.

Want to learn more about Dean? Check out his Instagram here.


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