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The Straight-Up Craziest Stuff To Eat At This Year’s CNE In Toronto

For Torontonians, the Canadian National Exhibition might signal that the end of summer is upon us, but it’s ain’t really over until we stuff ourselves with the all the gluttonous, deep-fried monstrosities the Ex has to offer.

Now in its 138th year, you might think it’s impossible to up the ante on past food showstoppers like the Cronut Burger, Thanksgiving Waffle and Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Cheese. You thought wrong. Check out the most outrageous food items coming to the CNE this year.


Spam Double Down

Putting a new (and greasy-licious) spin on a Cuban sandwich, Miami Press puts bacon, tomato, cheese and chipotle sauce in between two thick slices of Spam.



Philly Steaklair

Have you ever craved the savoury flavour of a Philly cheese steak and the decadence of an eclair at the same time? Either way, Philthy Philly‘s smashed the two foods together for you to eat at this year’s Ex.



Fish N’ Chips and Sushi Burritos

Tokyo meets Tijuana in this latest food mashup: Sushi Burritos. Su&Bu‘s sushi burrito is packed with ahi tuna, salmon, avocado and more. Their Fish N’ Chips is an Asian take on nachos, swapping tortilla chips for fried wontons, piling the poké, green onions and jalapeno high.



Surf N’ Turf Stuffed Bunzz 

Inspired by bao, Hot Bunzz puts the fancy meal that combines lobster and steak into a bun, serving up the bison short rib and East Coast lobster in the Sexy Surf N’ Turf.



Bug Dogs 

Celebrating the trendy, protein-rich practice of eating critters, this hot dog is worth bugging out over. Topped with crispy mustard crickets (crickets!), Bug Bistro is serving up a hormone-free beef frank.



Chocolate Diablo

Swiss Waffle & Crepes has a devilish dessert on their menu this year that comes in the form of chocolate soft serve covered with cookie crumbs, cocoa puffs, and wasabi peas, all drizzled with sriracha caramel.



San Fran Mega Burger 

Putting everything you love into an enormous sandwich, San Francesco Foods piles chicken, veal, provolone, fries and more into meatball-topped sammy. They call it Mega for a reason—you’ll need two hands and stack of napkins to tackle this one.



Canadian Bacon Taco 

If you love tacos but don’t care for the frivolous ingredients—basically, anything that’s not meat—this one’s for you. Bacon Nation skips the tortilla and puts a mountain of pulled pork on a slice of  Canadian bacon.



Churro Cheeseburger 

Putting their last dish the Cronut to shame, Epic Burgers & Waffles collabed with I Love Churros to bring us something even more decadent: Meet the Churro Cheeseburger, a cheeseburger with churros for buns. One more time for good measure, it’s a Churro Cheeseburger.


The CNE opens this Friday, August 19 and runs until September 5.


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