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Outrageously Good Eats: Calgary Stampede Edition

There is a lot to like about the Calgary Stampede, but our favourite part might just be the crazy foods at the Stampede Midway. Bearing witness to an entire city wearing cowboy hats, cooking pancakes each morning and cheering on a rodeo and chuck wagon races is incredibly special… But so are deep fried pickle hot dogs, maple bacon doughnut burgers, teriyaki chicken perogies, and apple pie ice cream sandwiches.

Check out our list of some of the most outrageously good eats that have already appeared at the Calgary Stampede:


Big Pickle Dog

You guys.. My dream. It came true 😢 #stampede2016 #yyc #bigpickledog

A post shared by Sarah Franson (@sarahcidal66) on

Deep fried pickles are great. So are deep fried hot dogs. But have you ever wondered what they would taste like together? Enter the Big Pickle Dog.


Maple Bacon Doughnut Burger

You’ve likely seen some variation of a burger with doughnut’s in place of buns. But none compare to the salty, sweet, and savoury Maple Bacon Doughnut Burger. Plan of attack: Eat now and try not to hate yourself later.


Teriyaki Chicken Perogies

🐓 💕..

A post shared by Y v • n n e (@y.viii) on

Perfect little bite sized perogies, pan fried in butter, garnished with sautéed onions, sririacha mayo, ginger teriyaki sauce, green onions and crispy chicken strips. It sounds and looks incredibly delicious and it’s topped with seaweed, so maybe it’s even a little bit healthy.


Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich

Continuing the Midway tradition of taking two incredibly delicious deserts and deep frying them into one otherworldly snack comes the Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich. Creamy vanilla soft serve ice-cream with a tart apple pie filling, drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce, wrapped in a fluffy cinnamon sugar crust. It’s admittedly better than Grandma’s apple pie.


Peanut Butter and Jam Beaver Balls

If you’ve had a Beaver Tail, you know what you’re in for. These little deep fried dough balls are cooked golden, tossed in cinnamon and sugar and drizzled with your favourite toppings. Try the peanut butter and jam, or go all in and try the “Saturday Morning Beaver Balls,” which are topped with Fruit Loops, raspberries and condensed milk.


Oreo Churros

The Oreo is the unofficial cookie of the Calgary Stampede Midway and here it makes an appearance in churro form. Crispy chocolate churros made of Oreo pieces are filled with the creamy Oreo center and drizzled with condensed milk and icing sugar. Dang!


Nutella Glazed Mini Doughnuts

Are you hungry yet? Writing this is and staving off hunger is likely every bit as difficult as it is reading it. Why don’t we have these in our fridge?  Gooey warm Nutella Glazed Mini Doughnuts on a stick. Too good to be true. Let’s keep moving.


Deep Fried Coffee

{Deep fried coffee} best of both world with chocolate sauce on top 👌🏼 • • • #yyc #yycfoodie #yycfood #stampede2016 #stampedefood #donuts #coffee

A post shared by Flour•Egg•Sugar•Butter•Coffee (@kmomentsbakes) on

All of this deep fried goodness might make you a little sleepy and have you reaching for a coffee. Thankfully you can source a deep fried coffee that’s drizzled in caramel and Himalayan sea salt. Five different flavours are sure to satisfy coffee snobs from far and wide.


Fruit Infused Grilled Cheese

You’re not tripping out. This grilled cheese features some wild rainbow colours thanks to infusing cheese with just the right amount of blueberry, strawberry and kiwi. So good. So cool.


Cupboard Kabob

What’s a Cupboard Kabob? A deep fried peanut butter and jam sandwich on a stick with deep fried Oreos wedged between each sandwich quarter. One of the better treats you can get on a stick


Potato Spiral Spuds

Crispy homemade warm chips are a pretty phenomenal treat on their own. Now try drizzling some warm cheese, crispy bacon and chive on top and you’ve got yourself a winner.


Deep Fried Pop Tarts

I found heaven, and it's called deep fried pop tarts. #stampedefood

A post shared by kaitlyn_ann (@kaitlyn_ann) on

We’ve had it wrong all along. You don’t put pop tarts in a toaster. You deep fry them, crush sugary rice cereal on top, and serve with whipped cream and sprinkles. Weekends will never be the same.


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