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5 Buzz-Worthy Drinks from Calgary’s Coffee Hotspot

It’s no secret Canadians love coffee. The lineups at coffee shop drive-thrus every morning are some of the worst traffic jams in our country, and the coffee doesn’t even live up to what you’re hoping for.

What about an espresso and water

What about an espresso and tonic water


Calgary’s coffee scene has undergone a revolution in recent years thanks to a handful of entrepreneurs working hard to perfect the art of the perfect cup of java to enjoy at every occasion. Two of the city’s pioneers are the guys behind Phil & Sebastian. Phillipe Robertson and Sebastian Sztabzyb started their epic story of creating the best cup of coffee and the best café experience in 2007, using their entrepreneurial spirit and engineering background to expand into the multi-café business they operate today. Their story is worth a read, and you can check out Sebastian’s notes about how they went from sleeping on a friend’s couch in Vancouver to owning a coffee empire on their website.

A good story is best accompanied with a great beverage, and here’s five that give you a great morning (or evening) buzz when in Calgary:


1. The Cappuccino that started it all

Only because it was too perfect not to. #cappuccino

A post shared by 👋🏼 (@aixelalexia) on

A wonderful cappuccino was where the inspiration to create an awesome coffee experience began, and every year Phil & Sebastian work a little harder at perfecting this fan favourite.


2. Bottled Coffee & Mylk

Oh heeey, Wednesday. 👊 #coffee #yyc

A post shared by B R I A N N E 🌿 G I O K A S (@briannegiokas) on

Even though Phil & Sebastian’s many locations offer the perfect spots to catch up with friends and family over a great drink, this yummy delight lets you take their delicious beverages with you as you explore Calgary.


3. Espresso & Indian Tonic Water

Tuesday afternoon pick-me-up: espresso and @fevertree_uk premium Indian tonic water 👌

A post shared by Phil & Sebastian Coffee (@philandseb) on

While Phil & Sebastian travel the world for the absolute best coffee beans to roast in-house, they also bring in some of the greatest drinks you may have never heard of for the perfect mashup. This one is especially great for an afternoon pick-me-up—Phil & Sebastian’s perfect espresso along with Fever-Tree Mixers’ Indian Tonic Water.


4. Phil & Sebastian’s Famous Coffee With A Friend

i really love coffee and i really really love my best friend☕️💕

A post shared by ken (@kendalmanleyy) on

These guys’ coffee is good. Real good. If you are the type who just likes a good cup of coffee, watching baristas prepare a filtered cup of coffee using Chemex brewers offers a unique experience for the most seasoned coffee drinkers. Of course, this experience is best shared with friends and Phil & Sebastian makes sure every location is built for socializing.


5. Matcha Cortado

Phil & Sebastian are the first to admit that they love coffee, but if for some reason you or one of your friends doesn’t like coffee, the guys have you covered! Head to their Mission location for a great matcha drink, like this one with D. Dutchmen milk from Sicamous and 05 Tea from Vancouver.


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