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11 Artists Who Have Played At Calgary’s HiFi Club

Diplo in the mix

Electronic Dance Music lovers from around the world have had their eyes and ears on Calgary for the last several years. With the country’s only DJ school, huge EDM festivals, mobile venues like Bass Bus, and some of the most celebrated clubs and micro clubs in North America, Calgary is at the centre of the Canadian dance music scene.

At the heart of Calgary’s EDM scene is the HiFi Club. Since 2005, the HiFi has mixed live performances, DJ sets and visual arts for dance music fans to enjoy the edgiest beats the world has to offer.

The HiFi Club’s Sunday Skool is the longest running house night on the planet. That’s right, the planet! Hosted by DJ Rice, Sunday Skool has outlasted the other great house nights of the world in spots like Ibiza and Chicago. Not only is this a club where many DJs spin their first beats for a crowd, it also plays host to some of the world’s biggest music acts. The HiFi isn’t just a club, it is an anchor point of the Alberta arts scene.

Here’s a snapshot of 11 of the world’s greats that have played at the HiFi over the last 11 years.

1. Diplo

Before producing tracks for Madonna and Justin Bieber, Diplo played shows in Calgary for crowds as small as 50. Although his first show in Calgary was in 2004 at Broken City, Diplo has made his return to Calgary to play intimate public gigs at the HiFi.



You know a show is good when you can do a Google search for it almost a decade later and videos still pop up. This famed act is on the hall of fame and played a killer set in December 2007 that is still documented on YouTube videos.


3. Chromeo

By 2007, Chromeo played their umpteenth show for Calgary crowds at the HiFi Club, years before hitting the international mainstage with hits like ‘Fancy Footwork’ and ‘Hot Mess’.


4. A-Trak

The last gig for this monster of the EDM scene was this previous summer where A-Trak welcomed fans to hear his world-famous beats, showing that HiFi welcomes both the upcoming sounds and fan favourites.


5. KiD CuDi

The HiFi community loves to dance to every type of beat possible, including hip hop. The legendary artist behind ‘Day ‘N Night’ and ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ played here before he was featured with Yeezy and Lady Gaga.


6. Spank Rock

Famous for mixing hip hop and electro club sounds, working with everyone from Boys Noize to Kylie Minogue, Spank Rock is one of the genre defining acts to play HiFi.


7. CSS

‘Music Is My Hot Hot Sex’ was the perfect anthem for the Apple iPod Touch as well as the HiFi Club, where these Brazillians played to adoring fans.


8. Dillon Francis

The legendary DJ has played HiFi multiple times and is one of the favourites for club goers in Calgary.


9. Steve Aoki

One of the great legends of EDM, HiFi Club booked him all the way back in 2006!


10. Andrew W.K.

It’s not always EDM beats that fill the club – many legendary rockers such as everyone’s favourite party punker have played sets at HiFi.


11. Smalltown DJs

The HiFi Club is the venue for Calgary’s homegrown talent to be welcomed into the world of professional DJ’ing, and these guys are one of the biggest success stories and reason behind the city’s awesome EDM scene. Not only do they regularly play at HiFi, they also work behind the scenes to elevate the city’s dance music industry and are putting Calgary on the map as the country’s centre for EDM.

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