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The 10 Best Swimming Holes In Vancouver

After a ridiculously long and wet winter, the long sunny days and heat of summer have officially arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia. To prepare you for summer’s impending heat waves we’ve made a list of the best swimming holes in Vancouver.

No crowded beaches, no salty ocean, and no man-made pools. Just floating docks, steep cliffs, deep pools, and waterfalls. We’re talking about the 10 best good ‘ol fashioned swimming holes.


Pool 99

Summer hit me as hard as I hit the water. #pool99 #northvan #explorebc

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This local cliff jumping spot is just outside the city, but the cold water, tall cliffs, and towering trees will make it feel like you’re hundreds of miles away.


Cabin Lake

Another beauty just outside the city, Cabin Lake is a beautiful alpine lake atop Cypress Mountain. Climb up and sweat, then jump on in and cool off. The scenery at this one is hard to beat.


Sooke Potholes

Looking for the best location to eat our snacks. #islandstuff #rosealreadypostedthis 📷 @brewsephson

A post shared by Erika Jones 👽 (@mothafuckajonesy) on

Only 30 minutes outside of Victoria is the Sooke Potholes. This freshwater swimming hole is naturally fed, surrounded by deep forests, and seems to get those sunny days that last forever.


Capilano Canyon

Just across the water on the North Shore, the Capilano River Canyon has some incredible hiking and amazing cliff diving and swimming holes. Carefully wade the river and you’ll discover swimming holes so deep, you can’t touch the bottom. Then scooch up on those cliffs for some sun tanning.


Granite Falls

A post shared by Riley Curtis (@rileymcurtis) on

So gorgeous we had to include it, but so dangerous we almost didn’t want to. At the top of Granite Falls sits an amazing swimming hole with crystal clear water. Hang out with some friends and relax to the sound of descending waterfalls, but tread softly, the current is strong!


Alice Lake

Alice Lake is a cool little lake near Squamish that features some great spots to camp and some easy shallow fishing. A good place to escape the crowds.


Brohm Lake

Another beautiful glacier fed lake up near Squamish. Brohm Lake is a bit of a scene as it has amazing bluffs for tanning, an incredibly fun rope swing, cliff jumps, and immense logs within the lake that you can climb up and warm up on.


Lost Lake

Keep heading up the Sea to Sky Highway and you’ll reach Lost Lake in nearby Whistler. The relaxing sandy beaches, grassy fields, and massive floating dock makes for a staple swimming hole in the lower mainland.


Bromley Rock

"Have a purpose for every step you take" -Wise words from Opa

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Float in along the Similkameen River and you won’t miss this one. This soft sandy beach lines the shore of the river and makes for a great spot to cool off if you’ve been in the sun all day.


Cascade Falls

all you want is @nike

A post shared by Daniel Chau (@areyoudaniel) on

You’ve likely heard of this one. Cascade Falls is a massive 98-foot waterfall with tons of pools to swim into and cliffs to jump off of.

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