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Learn How To Take The Best Pics From Foodstagram Star Dennis Prescott


If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to the foodstagram scene, look no further than Dennis Prescott.

Prescott, known better as his handle @dennistheprescott, boasts 381,000 followers and fills our feed with mouth-watering images of the feasts he makes himself.

In light of the release of his new cookbook, Eat Delicious, we caught up with Prescott at The Travel Corporation Canada’s launch event at Mengrai Gourmet Thai in Toronto to talk how he got started, how food inspires us to travel and all the elements of a perfect Instagram.

Despite the massive success he’s had as an Instagrammer, Prescott never set out to be a cook or a photographer—his adoration for both emerged while he was a full-time musician touring here and abroad.

While living in Nashville, he couldn’t afford to go out and enjoy the southern comfort food he was surrounded by. Instead, he went to the public library, checked out three cookbooks and cooked his way through those.

“I was cooking so much and I became so passionate about food and cooking that I started taking iPhone photos—really terribly photographed iPhone photos of these dishes,” he said. “I had no agenda to start out as an Instagrammer, I just really wanted to feed people I really wanted to learn how to cook and I became passionate about photography as a creative outlet.”

But before he was cooking for himself, it was his travels with his band that first connected him to food.

“I very vividly remember eating sushi for the first time in Vancouver, smoked meat sandwiches in Montreal and amazing New York style pizza,” he said. “It really started this fire of passion for food.”

Prescott, who’s an East coaster from Moncton, N.B., says that our culturally diverse eating habits have influenced how we travel: eating foods like burgers, curries, pad thai, sushi, and fish and chips all in the same week expose us to small parts of different places all around the world.

“We eat globally and people want to learn how to cook globally. I think that is fueling a lot of our travel interest as well,” he said. “Food is the great connector. It transcends language, it transcends culture, it transcends country.”

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