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The Best Hikes In The World Are Right Here In Canada

There’s something about coastal waters that is difficult to beat. Lapping tides, increment and fast weather, marine life, and fresh ocean breezes come together to create a camp vibe that’s truly unique. It’s no wonder that Canada’s coastal trails are some of the most beautiful and treacherous hikes and journeys, not just within the country, but on the entire planet.

We’ve outlined three of Canada’s best coastal trails below. While not nearly as comprehensive a guide as you’ll need to just head out on the trails, it should be enough to get you started on your epic journey.


West Coast Trail

For good reason, the West Coast Trail is perhaps the most famous hiking trail in the country. Originally established as a trail to save the lives of shipwreck survivors along the coast, the trail eventually was adopted by Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in 1973. This 75 km trail is incredibly challenging and requires careful planning as roughly 1-in-100 hikers have to be rescued.

Season: May – September.
Length: 75 km / 5-7 days.
Terrain: Slippery, muddy trails, beaches, boulders, shoreline, wooden bridges and ladders.
Where: Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, B.C.


East Coast Trail

If the 75 km of the West Coast trail sounded like a challenge, the 540 km of the East Coast trail should rightfully intimidate you.  As it stands, only 265 km of the trail is clearly marked and hardened to hiking standards. The rest isn’t signed and should only be attempted by very experienced remote wilderness hikers. Hikers pass by the Spout, a natural spout created by waves, sea arches, abandoned communities, suspension bridges, and some of the East Coast’s coolest coastal towns.

Season: May – September.
Length: 540 km.
Terrain: Slippery, muddy trails, boulders, shoreline, cliffs and unclear signage.
Where: Portugal Cove to Cape Saint Francis, Newfoundland and Labrador.


Coastal Hiking Trail

If you’ve ever experienced the shores of Lake Superior, you’ll know that they feel remarkably similar to most coastal shores. Tall coniferous trees, eagles, exposed cliffs, and loud crashing waves. Established within Pukaskwa National Park, this 60 km beauty is a jewel among Ontario wilderness experiences. Passing through sand and stone beaches, and providing views you wouldn’t expect out of the province.

Season: May – September.
Length: 60 km.
Terrain: Slippery trails, boulders, shoreline, cliffs, dense forest and beaches.
Where: Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario.


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