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Best Day Ever: Skateboarding In Saskatoon

Skateboarding is a fairly mainstream pastime. You can visit any major city in Canada and chances are, you’ll hear the familiar sound of four rolling urethane wheels. I’ve skateboarded for more of my life than not and I’ve made friends through skateboarding in most cities I’ve lived or visited. I was still surprised when I heard that Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is a skateboarder’s Mecca.

Photo:  Steve Matchkey

Photo: Steve Matchkey

With a total population of only 222,000, Saskatoon hosts six skate parks, five skate shops, and a vibrant skate scene. When considering that, and the variety of awesome bars and restaurants, it’s hard to deny it is a great place for a day of skating. I hit up Dan Watson, skateboarder of 23 years, and manager of Ninetimes skate shop in Saskatoon, to get a rundown on a perfect day of skateboarding in ‘Hub City’.

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Drink Good Coffee At Drift Sidewalk Café

Start your day right with the best coffee in Saskatoon, and well maybe the world. Drift Café is located near the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market and features plenty of outdoor seating and good music. The café offers a great chance to log time people watching in Saskatoon. They also serve a good breakfast for you to enjoy while you get caffeinated for a full day of skating.

Aaaaand @judd_123 making it look easy ????. #lionsskatepark #skate

A photo posted by Steve Matschke (@stevematchkey) on

Start At Lions Skate Park

This park is big… 20,000 square feet big, so it’s a good place to start skating. It’s entirely concrete, located on the bank of the North Saskatchewan River in Victoria Park, and happens to be one of the better outdoor skate parks in Canada. The street section has down ledges, euro gaps, handrails, banks, hips, and plenty of stairs.

Everyone who visits the park says the flow of the park is amazing. – Dan Watson

Some mellow quarter pipes surround the entire street section, so flow is consistent and easy. Some of the local’s favourite features include the “super booter” and the baby blue flat bar. But the kidney shaped bowl with a shallow five and perfect coping is also worth noting. If you’re near Saskatoon and have your skateboard, this is a ‘can’t miss’.

How do you Poutine? A la natural? With fried mushrooms? Or all out with fried mushrooms and house pork confit? #yxe #saskatoon #tapas

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Drink a Beer And Eat Poutine At Duck Duck Goose

Once noon hits, you’ve likely been skating for a couple of hours, so you deserve this. Head on over to Duck Duck Goose, a cool tapas spot with an awesome beer list and amazing poutine. The owner, Todd, is a skateboarder and hosts the odd skate video premiere, thus it is worth checking out. Looking for traditional English-themed fare? Check out Winston’s for its large beer selection in addition to a nice crowd. With $5 pints, plenty of daily food specials, and cheap boneless wings, Hudson’s Pub is another good choice. Finally, The Yard & Flagon is a quality joint.

Street Skate The City

A bylaw restricts skateboarding in certain areas of downtown Saskatoon, so be careful or risk getting a $15-25 fine. Outside of the downtown area, Dan suggests asking some locals for the lowdown on a spot and driving around to hit them.

Downtown is small, but has plenty of street features to skate, and the community is pretty receptive and friendly towards skateboarders. When you get tired, take a breather at Kiwanis Park North.


A photo posted by Darby Sutherland (@darbarelli) on

Eat A Delicious Lunch At The Hollows Or Thien Vietnam

All of that exercise is going to call for some food. If you’re short on change (and let’s be real, you probably are because you’re a skateboarder) you can still fuel up properly at Thien Vietnam.

Thien Vietnam is so good, super cheap, interesting service, very authentic, and you can cop a noodle bowl for $6.25

 The Hollows is another option that’s a little bit more expensive, but a really cool restaurant with a crazy layout, locally sourced everything, and the ownership is plugged into the skate scene.

Triples at the #saskayoon #lionsskatepark with @instarrett @juicetan and @alrightlo. #diy @newlineskateparks @ninetimesskateshop

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Try One of Saskatoon’s “Satellite” Parks

There are so many satellite park to choose from but the quarter pipes, pyramids, and the famous wave ledge at Charlottetown Park makes it the clear favourite. Too crowded at Charlottetown Park? Saskatoon has four more skate parks that are accessible to all skill levels: Morris T Chernesky, W.W. Ashley, Forest Park, and Umea Park. Each park is open 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and feature revolving “skateboard leaders” who will happily help you learn tricks that have been evading you, while also helping new skateboarders navigate the park and understand common lines (stay out of your way).

Grab a Growler From Nine Mile Brewery Or Hang Out On The River Landing

Chances are that you killed it out there and now is the time to siesta or celebrate. Nine Mile Brewery has a great beer selection and serves up affordable growlers. Or, if there is still some sun shining, Gabriel Dumont Park has public BBQ’s and is a great place to grill up dinner.

Issue Two Preview: Curtis Bear blasting in the #saskatoon #lionsskatepark. ????@woytowichphoto. #skateboarding @newlineskateparks

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Did we miss one of your favourite places in Saskatoon? Let us know in the comments below…

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