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The 6 Best Things To Do In Saskatchewan

Planning a visit to Saskatchewan? We have you covered. From hiking sand dunes, climbing in crevices to discovering dinosaur fossils in Grasslands National Park, there are endless things to do and see. Not only is it super easy to get around, but you can experience so many different landscapes in just a day’s drive. Don’t believe us? Listen to Saskatchewanderer Neil Fisher who spent the entire past year doing just that.

Yes, this is Saskatchewan. Photo: Neil Fisher

Yes, this is Saskatchewan. Photo: Neil Fisher

What is the Saskatchewanderer exactly? It’s a job created by the Government of Saskatchewan that involves travelling around the province vlogging, blogging, tweeting and Instagramming about why Saskatchewan is a great place to live, work and play. For all of 2016 photographer, Neil Fisher worked as the Saskatchewanderer travelling over 45,000 kilometres up, down, back and around the entire province. Now that the year is over Neil’s term of being the Saskatchewanderer has come to an end and we reached out to him to find out what his top places to visit were in 2016. Find out what he had to say below.


The 6 Best Things To Do In Saskatchewan


1. Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park

Neil Says:Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park is a remote place that not many people get to visit in Saskatchewan. It was by far one of the most impressive places and I went due to the difficult accessibility and vast beauty.”


2. Limestone Crevices 

Neil says: “The crevices in the limestone south-east of Denare Beach which is in east-central Saskatchewan on the Manitoba border. This area is so unique amongst the rest of the province. You can climb down into the crevasses and hang out and explore. It is really a lot of fun.”


3. Hunt Falls

Neil Says: “Hunt Falls is the largest waterfall in Saskatchewan. It is located on the Grease River and is really beautiful. It is this massive waterfall which is 60 m wide and when you stand at the bottom it is difficult to believe you are in a prairie province.”

4. Lake Diefenbaker

Neil Says: “Lake Diefenbaker is the largest lake in Saskatchewan and the shores of the lake are deteriorating creating these sand castles or tentacles of sand baked by the sun. It really stands out compared to the rest of the surroundings.”

5. Prince Albert National Park

Neil Says: “Prince Albert National Park is such a huge park with so many unique places inside it. Most people go to the east side of the park as its more established with a town and amenities but I like the west side of the park. The west side is more remote and untouched with wildlife everywhere. The trails are beautiful and it’s truly a little paradise. One of my favourite things to do is horseback riding at Sturgeon River Ranch.


6. Grasslands National Park

Neil Says: “Grasslands National Park is the complete opposite of Prince Albert National Park. It is really cool because it is the way the prairies were before the agricultural conversion. It is a slice of what the prairies used to be and 1km from the road you can pitch a tent anywhere. I spend a lot of time here because it is the opposite of where I am from and it is truly a sight to see.”

Everything You Need To Know To Go

Where to stay:

Camping in Saskatchewan is awesome. Why not go camping in the east or west block of Grasslands National Park or the west side of Prince Albert National Park. Camping not your thing? Why not take a helicopter to the Selwyn Lake Lodge.

When to go:

Saskatchewan has something to offer each season. If you want to go fishing and camping head there in the summer and fall. If you are looking to snowshoe head there in the winter, it’s up to you!

What to bring:

Bring your camping gear, binoculars, camera and a car. It is really easy to get around in Saskatchewan and there is so much to discover!

How to get there:


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