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Unplug From It All In Beautiful Battle Harbour

The onslaught of communication in this day and age can be pretty tiresome. If you don’t have emails to catch up on, or text messages and calls to return, you’ve certainly got a flood of notifications on social media. But there is an intensely beautiful place where you can unplug from it all and restore equilibrium: Battle Harbour, Labrador.



This buzz-worthy town was established in the mid-1700s and is steeped in Labrador’s history in fisheries. Whales, icebergs, exposed rock, insane views, drifting icebergs, and historical structures make Battle Harbour truly unique, so much so, that it’s one of Canada’s National Historic Districts. With six restored cottages, one can now visit what has quickly become a secret of Canadian travellers, and a rare opportunity to truly step back from the hustle of the modern world.



Surely there are other restored fishing villages in Newfoundland and Labrador and other extremely remote island getaways in Canada. But there aren’t any that blend these elements with an incredible spa, Sub-Arctic scenery like icebergs and tundra, and feature species like orcas, fox, and cod.



Everything You Need To Know To Go

Where to stay:

As previously mentioned, you can book one of six fully restored historical buildings to stay in a room at the Battle Harbour Inn or Merchant Building.

How to get there:

There is one ferry trip a day to the island departing from Mary’s Harbour at 11:00 am that takes about an hour. The return ferry leaves at 9:00 am each day. There’s a good chance you’ll see whales, dolphins, and porpoises on the way so have your camera at the ready. Make your reservations with Labrador Marine to get from the Island of Newfoundland to Labrador. You should budget 3-4 hours of drive time between Mary’s Harbour and Blanc Sablon. If you really want to do it correctly, spend a couple more days checking out Southern Labrador’s Coastal Drive.

When to go:

June 12th to Labour Day Weekend is the most beautiful time of year with the best access. Try to time it correctly so you can be there during the blossoming of the wildflowers to truly score the best photos.

What to bring:

All of your meals are provided on-site, and it is a 4-star resort, but you may want to bring any additional toiletries you may require. Even though your visit will likely be in the summer, be sure to prepare for some weird weather. It can be wet, cold, hot, and dry all within the span of a couple of hours on this exposed island.


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