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A New Kind Of Alberta Distillery

We don’t have to brief you on why Banff National Park is amazing. The park provides incredible scenery, world class hiking and climbing, and great skiing and snowboarding. Likewise, the town of Banff is known for it’s vibrant nightlife, high-end shopping, spas, and restaurants. But Banff has one more thing to add to it’s already long list of draws: Park Distillery, the only distillery within a national park.

Park Distillery Restaurant and Bar is impressive. This huge historic building sits on the main drag of Banff Avenue and features timber walls, massive fireplaces, hanging Edison lights, and antler chandeliers. Basically, the decor looks exactly like something you would want out of a restaurant and distillery in Banff. The menu doesn’t deviate far from the archetype either, serving up delicious renditions of campfire classics and aprés ski staples such as charred trout, burgers, and famous Alberta steak. And while there are certainly other distilleries in the province, no other exists within the boundaries of a national park.

Park Gin “How It’s Made” from Park on Vimeo.

The distillery takes pride in it’s production, using Banff’s glacier fresh water and premium grains from the fields Alberta to produce it’s award winning spirits. Created in small batches, the distillery is working on six spirits including a glacial vodka, a white and full rye, and gin featuring spruce tips foraged from just outside of the park.

Free distillery tours are offered each day at 3:30 pm, and anyone dining-in is able to try a flight of spirits for $20. Once you’ve figured out which spirit is your favourite, you can head downstairs to a small shop space where 750 milliliter bottles are sold for $45-50.

Everything You Need To Know To Go


An incredible restaurant serving aprés comfort food and Canada’s only distillery found within a national park.


219 Banff Avenue, Banff, Alberta


Restaurant and liquor store open daily from 11am – late


(403) 762-5114 Or visit their website here.

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