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Find Out Why Global Travel Blogger AllanaRamaa Calls Calgary Home

Upon speaking to Allana Davison, aka Allanaramaa, it quickly becomes clear that she’s super funny, and very down to earth. With a passion for travel, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and a talent for makeup design it’s no surprise that her entertaining YouTube videos and vlogs have hundreds of thousands of views. Having grown up in more than a dozen cities in Canada, Allana’s unique global perspective and passion for travel was fostered at a young age. Allana recently checked in with Far And Wide to let us know some of her favourite spots in her current hometown of Calgary, Alberta.


So I understand you don’t really have a traditional hometown?

I haven’t grown up in the same place. I lived in a different place every year, but have been in Calgary for the last 5 years, which is the longest I’ve ever been in a place. I lived in between my parents houses and they always moved.

What cities did you live in?

I was born in Victoria moved to Dartmouth and Bridgewater in Nova Scotia, then Sterling, Alberta. Iqaluit for a year. Fort Saint Johns. Vancouver. Fort Mac. Back to Vancouver. Elmira, Ontario. Then back and forth between Alberta and B.C. for awhile and now Calgary for five years. In a way, all of Canada feels like my hometown!

Wow. So where is home now?

Vancouver is where my family is and because of that I sometimes call it “home,” when I’m at school. But in terms of where I’ve spent the most time, it’s definitely been Calgary. It’s my home.



What do you love most about Calgary?

The people. It’s a big city but it has a very small town feel. Anyone who’s lived in Calgary knows one another. That small town vibe is amazing.

What are some of your favourite things to do in the city?

Probably eat. I was just talking to my boyfriend about what we do while were there and we eat haha. Finding new events that are going on, going to our favourite restaurants. That kind of thing. But when you Google what to do in Calgary, you’ll get results that tell you to get outside of the city. You know, “Go to Banff.” But there are some amazing restaurants and great events that really keep the city interesting.

What are some of your favourite restaurants?

I love Native Tongues for their tacos and tostadas. They’re so good. They’re fantastic. Cibo. Recently, I don’t know how I didn’t know this for so long, but everyday of the week from 3PM to 5PM they have $5 pizza. Their wild boar bacon pizza is just amazing.

If we were visiting Calgary, where would you tell me to go out in the evening?

In the summertime, National on 8th. The rooftop patio is fantastic. I love it. It’s pretty much the only place we go to in the summer because the patio is so nice. If we don’t go there we usually go to the National on 10th (laughing) and they have bowling if you want to spend a few extra dollars. The Local is a sweet spot, too. They have awesome drink deals and great tacos.

Outside of the people, what makes Calgary unique?

The mountains. The people. Being the heart of the West. During Stampede, the cowboy culture is real and it truly feels like the heart of the west and everyone lives by that. I think a lot of the city really enjoys that. The city really comes alive during Stampede. Calgary just has this really awesome community. Everyone loves the mayor and everyone does everything together and it has that community feeling that some other big cities in Canada don’t really have.

No one is high and mighty in the city, or stuck up, or trying to compete with one another

Is there anything about Calgary that inspires you and your daily work?

Probably the community. I know you don’t want to circle back to it, but it’s difficult for me to answer that question without mentioning community. Calgary kind of makes you stay humble. No one is high and mighty in the city, or stuck up, or trying to compete with one another. Everyone is easy going and kind. No one is fighting with each other and that’s definitely kept me grounded.

Can you share any of your locals secrets?

Hmm…The downtown farmers market is amazing and not enough people know about it. I love it when I can go and grab fresh veg. Wayne’s bagels is one of my favourite Calgary spots. I don’t know if it’s a secret. I tell everyone I know. They’re this little random bagel shop but they sell them at the farmers market, too. Their sesame bagels are amazing.



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