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5 Adrenaline Adventures In Calgary



Travel is about adventure. It’s about those heart racing, blood pumping, bucket list moments and living to tell the tale. From river surfing in the middle of downtown to flying through the air on the fastest zipline in North America, even the most daring adrenaline junkie can check off a few bucket list moments in Calgary.


1. Fly Down North America’s Fastest Zipline


Big time thrills often start from great heights. The Monster Zipline at WinSport starts at the Olympic ski jump tower, the highest vantage point in Calgary, before flying down the 500 metre zipline at 120 kilometres per hour. Feel free to let out a yell as you take in the mountain and city views.

2. Catch a Wave Downtown


Yes, surfing exists in Calgary – and it’s awesome! Paddle into the Bow River under the 10th Street Bridge and ride a naturally occurring endless wave surrounded by downtown Calgary. It’s time to add river surfing to your bucket list.

3. Race Down the Longest Luge Track in the World


Bucket list thrills without the learning curve, Skyline Luge is a gravity powered ride that takes you through 50 twists and turns and over 1800 metres on the longest luge track in the world. Best of all – anyone can learn in a few minutes.

4. Feel the Force of 2 Gs


Calgary hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics and you can still step on to the podium in the middle of a summer adventure. The Summer Bobsleigh at WinSport pairs you with an Olympic quality guide through ten turns, hitting speeds of over 80 kilometres per hour. Feel the force of over 2 Gs for your own shot at Olympic glory.

5. Ride Western Canada’s Largest Super Pipe


Need a good reason for a winter adventure in Calgary? Whip up some powder with a GoPro worthy moment at the Under Armour Super Pipe at WinSport. Olympic champs, X Games pros, and average Joes drop into the largest pipe in Western Canada every year for a bucket list ride you will never forget.


You can see Momo and Andrew Knapp brave the Monster Zipline and Summer Bobsleigh in Far and Wide’s Alberta summer episode. Watch the full episode here and learn more about planing your own amazing summer vacation in Calgary.



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