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8 Signs You Know You’re From Halifax

Being nice is a stereotypically Canadian trait but East Coasters take it to the next level. Nice, however, isn’t the only thing Haligonians are known for. In a city with more pubs per capita than anywhere else in Canada, they’re also known for… their knack for pouring a perfect pint. What did you think we were going to say, beer drinking? Here are some non-brew related Hali-facts that prove you’re from Halifax:

1. You’ve eaten countless meals at the intersection at Blowers and Grafton, but despite the fact that it’s known as Pizza Corner, nearly every one of those late night food runs involved a donair. When you do decide to branch out with a slice, it gets dipped in donair sauce. KOD forever.

Oh donair sauce how I’ve missed your sweet ass! ✔️ #donairsauce #Halifax #check #pizza

A photo posted by @ms.n.rached on

2. You’ve run into at least one of the Trailer Park Boys at least twice.

an immigrant & a trailer park boy #TrailerParkBoys #CanadianMusic #MLK

A photo posted by Grand Analog (@grandanalog) on

3. You’ve lost the entire contents of your purse on the dance floor at The Toothy Moose (also: a substantial part of your soul).

Photo by @joshszeto

A photo posted by Toothy Moose (@toothymoose) on

4. You are the proud owner of at least one item of East Coast Lifestyle apparel—and the experience of wearing it while you’re away from home is especially poignant.

5. You know that no matter what anyone says, and no matter how beautiful it looks, you should never, ever swim in the Halifax harbour

5 o’clock whistle and somebody has a pretty cool ride home #halifaxharbour #waterfront #sailing #halifax

A photo posted by Conrad (@conrad_the_designer) on

6. You’d way rather mosh to The Rankin Family than to Kanye (and you’re more familiar with The Mull River Shuffle than with The Running Man Challenge).

7. You poured one out for the Clyde Street NSLC pirate. Aw.


8. Unlike most your non-Nova Scotian friends, you’ve had the unique experience of carrying a live lobster on an airplane. Bonus points if you gave him a name.

A tempting purchase at the Halifax airport. If I didn’t have the Montreal layover and the subway ride home…

A photo posted by Lori Paris (@elleparisee) on



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