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8 Countries Offering Affordable Working Visas For Canadians


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If you have the desire to travel but want to spend more than a week-long vacation somewhere, there’s another option. Working holiday Visas allow you to feel like a local by working in a foreign country, but also like a tourist with the opportunity to exploring a new place.

As Canadians, we’re lucky enough to be able to apply for Visas in a variety of places around the world. Canada has mutual agreements with dozens of different countries to give young adults (those 18-35) the chance to work and—most importantly—travel abroad.

Long-term travel is an exciting prospect and a working holiday Visa can be an ideal way to discover a new place while also gaining valuable life experience, meeting new people and developing new skills. Taking a long backpacking trip is one thing, but having a working holiday Visa means you can actively support yourself as you travel, taking some of the financial pressure off a longer stay. Whether you find yourself pouring pints in a pub in Dublin, or stocking the shelves of a Parisian bookstore, here are some of the most affordable countries that offer working Visas to Canadians.



If you’ve always been interested in exploring Japanese culture, you’ll be happy to know it’s a place that offers affordable work Visas to Canadians. Japan is one of the most developed and modern countries in the world, offering cutting-edge technology next to century-old traditions that still hold significant value.

To apply, there is no application fee but you’ll need to have at least $2,500 saved in your bank account. Unlike other countries that allow working holiday Visas up until the age of 35, to work in Japan you’ve got to be under 31. Popular jobs here include teaching English plus any business or technology related employment.


Costa Rica

Dense jungles, lush rain forests, breathtaking volcanoes, and beautiful beaches—if that’s your vibe, Costa Rica should be the next travel spot on your bucket list. It’s known for its relaxed culture, warmth, and friendly residents, making it the perfect spot to call home for a year.

To apply, you’ll need to have at least $2,500 saved up as well as $120 for the Visa application to work in this tropical paradise. Canadian citizens working in this Central American country often teach English, wait tables, or find employment at a resort.



Canals, coffee, clogs, and the thrills of Amsterdam, mild winters, and cool summers—the Netherlands has everything you need to experience European living to the fullest extent. When you’re not biking around the bustling cities taking in history, you can explore the old windmills scattered throughout the lush countryside.

To apply, you’ll need $57 for the application fee plus $2,000 in your bank account.



With over 4,000 kilometres of coastline with a diverse climate and landscape, Chile offers an endless amount of activities for travellers.

To apply, you’ll need $160 for the Visa application and $2,500 saved in your bank account. Chile is always looking for foreign talent in the fields of business and communications, but if those jobs aren’t what you’re into, there are plenty of opportunities as bartenders, resort staff, and English teachers.

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If spending the next 1-2 years drinking wine and eating pasta sounds like your kind of plan, you should consider applying for a working holiday Visa in Italy. Spend your days in one of the country’s 4,500 museums, sipping espresso in a café, or exploring one of its many volcanoes, which are the only active ones located in mainland Europe.

To apply, you’ll need $156 for the application fee in addition to having $1,630 tucked away in your bank account. If you enjoy working with kids, nannies and camp counsellors are popular foreign jobs here.



Need a break and want to immerse yourself in the siesta culture? Spain offers travellers affordable working holiday Visas so you can look forward to endless sunny days sipping sangria and warm nights dancing flamenco.

To apply, you’ll need to have $2,100 saved up and $150 for the application. Canadians working in Spain typically opt for jobs in the tourism industry and knowing a little Spanish will definitely go a long ways.



With crystal blue waters, a rich history and charming cobblestone villages, Croatia has a lot to offer a Canadian looking to explore the beauty and nature of the Mediterranean. Almost ten percent of the country is comprised of nature parks plus there are thousands of islands off its coastline to take in.

To apply, the Visa application comes in as one of the cheapest at $95. Plus if you’re tight on funds, you can opt for a short stay of six months or under, which only requires you to have $1,100 saved up.

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Germany is a country that holds so much history, from the medieval times to the first and second World Wars. As well, Germany has some amazing schnitzel-and-strudel style cuisine and we can’t forget to mention the beer.

If you’re a Canadian with a degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, this country is a great place to take advantage of a Visa. Germany has a shortage of graduates in those fields and is always looking for foreign employees.

To apply, it’s very easy. There’s no application fee and no set amount you have to have saved up. So what are you waiting for?

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